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Air extraction technology

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For the protection of man and the environment, the pollutants arising during welding, soldering or gluing work must be extracted effectively and safely. Here, DENIOS extraction tables are used. But also in all other industrial and chemical-pharmaceutical fields suction tables from DENIOS are used.

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Ventilation Technology and Air Extraction

Your advantages:

  • Effective personal and space protection
  • For all gluing, transfer or cleaning work
  • Ideal in industry, chemistry, pharmacy and laboratory
  • Stable frame and housing construction
  • Low exhaust volume

Vario Flow Technology

Extractor Vario-Flow Compact

Vario-Flow Compact range are robust workstations for personnel and room protection and ensure cost-effective working protection during stressful production days. They are ideal for transfer, rinsing, cleaning, grinding or thinning of substances and materials that can release emissions. The Vario-Flow technology ensures the air flow from the inlet opening to the suction slats. The Vario-Flow Compact suction table is available in three widths from 1100 to 1700 mm.

Extraction table Vario-Flow Premium

The Vario-Flow Premium extraction table is also available in three sizes. The Vario-Flow technology provides airflow from the inlet opening to the exhaust slats. The air curtains of the specially adapted ejectors reliably and reliably detect the pollutants. The precisely dosed push-pull effect ensures operation with a small exhaust air volume. On request, an explosion-proof version of the suction table is also available.

Laboratory workplaces

Provide laboratory workplaces to ensure safe compliance with workplace exposure limits (AGW) when handling chemicals. These suction tables, thanks to fresh air veils, which are blown out at the edge of the working surface and the ceiling, ensure high safety in laboratory operations. Hazardous gases are safely collected and immediately aspirated. Laboratory workplaces are suitable for all gluing, transfer or cleaning work with hazardous substances. The formation of explosive atmospheres is reliably prevented.

Welding smoke

Use welding fumes to capture and filter smoke, dust and gases during welding. Depending on the operating requirements, welding smoke extraction units are used as a suction table or as an extraction arm and are also available in ATEX versions. Mobile suction units ensure the greatest possible flexibility.

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