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Drum Heater Accessories

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Insulation covers for drums and IBCs prevent the heated drums from cooling down. The mobile lifter for induction heaters allow the covers to be easily placed over the drum to be heated. The power controller in connection with the induction heater makes controlling the temperature of your medium easier.

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Drum Heater Accessories from DENIOS

Using drum heaters can help keep your products at a constant temperature while they are being stored in a drum or an IBC. Jackets can also be a useful addition to the range of equipment you already use. But beyond these, there is a wide range of other accessories that could help you even further.

For optimum health and safety, it is important to use all equipment properly and to consider manual handling policies. Some drums are very heavy and require special equipment to be moved. At DENIOS UK, we offer products to ensure you are able to transport your drum heaters safely.

Lifter for easy movement

The Lifter Model TLF for induction heating units is designed to assist with the transportation of induction heaters. It can be used in hazardous areas and features two fixed castors and two swivel castors to allow for more control over the movement of the unit. The castors can be locked once the unit is in place to prevent any unintentional movement. The winch on the lifter model is self-locking and can handle a load of up to 65kg. This unit’s clever design means it can be operated by a single person. Therefore, there are very few manual handling concerns.

Power controllers are also essential pieces of equipment. This is because they offer total control over the power supply to the drum heater jacket. It is important that they are fitted in non-EX areas.

This unit measures 20cm x 17cm x 12cm. The box itself is powder-coated and comes with protection category IP 20. Having this unit in place ensures that the heater jacket will never become overheated. Power controllers should always be fitted by a qualified electrician. Regular checks of the box should also be completed, as is the case for all electrical equipment.


Our range of drum heater accessories includes IBC heating jackets and an insulated cover for IBCs. This cover prevents the drum or IBC from cooling down too quickly, allowing the contents to remain at a constant temperature for as long as possible. They are suitable for use in EX-protected areas.

The GFK hood is another accessory that is designed to keep heat loss to a minimum. Even while heating jackets sit around the drum, heat can still escape from the top. The GFK hood stops this from happening, keeping the temperature consistent within the drum. The product is essentially a fibreglass cover that weighs just 9kg. It can be used in EX zones.

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