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Sustainability. DENIOS takes responsibility.

DENIOS is a fast-growing company, in Germany and worldwide. This means that the global responsibility we bear every day together with our customers is also growing. Our primary intention is to ensure sustainable, environmental protection occurs on a worldwide level.

We are climate neutral!

According to the WWF, the annual consumption of humanity was the equivalent of two planet earths, by 2050 this is set to grow to three planet earths. This trend is not sustainable. At DENIOS we are committed to protecting the environment. Many measures for the protection of the environment and resources are already used in our plants and offices:

  • With the help of a 1,000 square metre photovoltaic system on the roof and heat recovery from production, a CO2-neutral building was already built.
  • The production hall and rooms are heated by means of the waste heat from the rotary process. Heat recovery is also carried out from our compressed air systems and the varnishing.
  • To reduce consumption energy-saving LED lights, which are controlled by motion detectors, are used
  • Overall, the construction and management area was increased by 15%, while the energy demand / m² was also reduced by 25%.
  • Even with modernization and construction measures in our international plants, CO2 efficiency and lower energy consumption will be paid even more attention in the future. For example, at the plant opened in 2016 in the Czech Republic.
  • A combined heat and power plant (CHP) ensures electricity generation and waste heat is used.

We support UN Global

Our sustainability reports are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which were ratified with all participating states in 2015. The ambitious goal: to jointly address global development in areas such as poverty reduction, nutrition, health, education, gender equality, water supply, innovation, consumption and climate protection within the next 15 years and to improve them with a view to a better outlook for future generations.

Furthermore, since 2019 we have been part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), whose universally recognised principles also guide our business activities and behaviour.

Our latest sustainability report

The impressive response from our stakeholders after the publication of our first sustainability report has encouraged us to disclose what we do and how we act. The Sustainability Report 2018/19 gives you the opportunity to get an idea of what we have achieved and what we plan for the future. We are particularly pleased about is diverse the efforts and activities are at the individual locations and, above all, how committed our employees all over the world have been to implementing the sustainability goals.

EcoVadis certification

EcoVadis is a sustainability assessment platform that evaluates and evaluates suppliers on the basis of a comprehensive questionnaire and the submission of relevant documents. DENIOS as a manufacturer had to demonstrate the efficiency in the areas of environment, work practices, business practices and sustainable procurement.

With our Silver Award, we are in the upper third of all qualified companies. This is a remarkable success, which we are very pleased with. The demands of our customers and legislation have risen sharply in recent years. The fact that we are among the top performers proves that we are on the right track.

CO2-neutral products

Recognise CO2-neutral products at a glance: We are fulfilling our responsibility to act sustainably and are gradually expanding the CO2-neutral products in our core ranges. You can now recognise our climate-neutral products even better - by the new DENIOS CO2-neutral label.

Now CO2-neutral: FALCON safety containers

Transporting, filling, storing, decanting, fine dosing and cleaning - FALCON offers a customised solution for every application and work step involving hazardous liquids.

Now CO2-neutral: pro-line spill pallets

With the DENIOS pro-line, you get spill pallets that simply do more: state-of-the-art designs and innovative features, rounded off by the highest product and service quality.

Sustainability starts with the shopping

DENIOS fulfils its responsibility to act sustainably and is gradually expanding the climate-neutral products in its core ranges. And not just individual products, but entire product groups are being optimised in terms of their carbon footprint.

The exciting thing about this is that the CO2 offsetting measures are not just limited to product manufacture, but we also consider the entire value chain along the entire product life cycle. This includes, for example, the transport of the raw material to production, processing in all individual work steps such as cutting, bending, painting, transport to the harbour through to the recipient country and direct use by the customer on site.

Specifically, this process involves calculating all CO2 emissions per item, reducing them as far as possible and offsetting them with the " Focus on the Future" institute through recognised, high-quality climate protection projects.

A sustainable product strategy with which we are setting a further example as market leader and in our pioneering role. Because; we protect people and the environment!

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