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Industrial Safety Mirrors and Traffic Mirrors

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In terms of health and safety in the workplace, industrial safety mirrors and traffic mirrors are a useful addition. There are always tight corners in car parks, industrial yards and warehouses where the driver cannot see if there is anything coming the other way, and traffic safety mirrors are the solution.

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Traffic mirror Diamond, in Sekurit safety glass
3 variants available
from £282.00 Excl. VAT
Traffic mirror VS, in acrylic glass
3 variants available
from £336.00 Excl. VAT
Traffic mirror Durabel IceFree, ice-free
2 variants available
from £706.00 Excl. VAT
Traffic mirror in stainless steel, for aggressive environments
3 variants available
from £387.00 Excl. VAT
Indoor room mirror, acrylic glass with black border
2 variants available
from £83.50 Excl. VAT
Indoor room mirror, compact indoor mirror in acrylic glass
3 variants available
from £184.00 Excl. VAT
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Industrial Safety Mirrors and Traffic Mirrors

Our range of safety mirrors

Choose from a range of wide-angled traffic mirror options such as the SR 600, which can be used on both internal and external locations. This is a rectangular mirror made with acrylic glass and comes complete with the mounting posts that you need for fixing it into place. In addition, the bracket for attaching the mirror to a steel post is included. This mirror allows you to check access to entrances and will work well in warehouses and other industrial locations.

Wide-angled traffic mirrors are not just rectangular – in fact, many people will be familiar with the curved mirrors that are often seen on country roads, providing drivers with a view for pulling out of a hidden junction. These are also suitable for use on internal locations and are also manufactured from synthetic materials. Designed to be impact resistant, these mirrors will withstand minor bumps. The unit comes with everything needed to mount it to the wall and has a 600mm diameter, which is ample for most uses.

Another option is the VS 1, one of our Perspex industrial mirrors. This is another curved mirror and is suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor locations. The housing is resistant to weather and environmental damage so will not be affected by the sun or rain, so its durable construction should not show signs of ageing for many years. The mounting clips are included with the kit, so that the mirror can be easily installed. Ideally, it can be placed where there are hidden junctions and obscured bends.

Getting the right industrial mirrors

With so many different traffic safety mirrors to choose from, it is important to get one that will do the job well. Take a look at the site where you believe you need a mirror and carry out an assessment on exactly what you need it to do. Will a curved or flat rectangular mirror be better for this task? Is it just one bend that is obscured or is it a hidden junction and you need to see traffic coming from both sides? Choosing the right mirror is essential, and if you come across any uncertainties, you can avail yourself of the expertise of the team at DENIOS UK.

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