Protective Glasses

Dust, particles, chemicals and hot liquids are just a few of the hazards commonly found in workplaces in a wide range of industries. If any of these hazards affect the delicate eye area, the consequences can range from irritation to permanent sight loss. We stock an extensive inventory of PPE where you’ll be sure to find the right protective glasses for your needs.

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When to use eye protection

Eye protection may be needed in many different circumstances. Any manufacturing work – particularly when tools may cause dust, particles or sparks – will require safety goggles. If your operations include science-based activities whether in labs or in schools, colleges or hospitals: those taking part in these pursuits are also likely to need good protective glasses to prevent chemicals or other foreign bodies from entering the eye. This list is by no means exhaustive, and effective eye protection should always be worn if there is any likelihood of danger to the eye.

Eye safety

Eye safety is a key part of environmental protection with failure being potentially catastrophic. The worst-case scenario for an eye injury is permanent sight loss while even lesser injuries may reduce eyesight. Providing sufficient eye protection for your workers is essential and it is also a good idea to have spares in case of breakages or to protect visitors to the premises. As a leading supplier of workplace safety equipment, you can be sure the protective glasses from DENIOS UK are of a high standard and comply with the relevant EN166 legislation.

Make sure everyone knows when to wear safety goggles by displaying prominent warning signs and inspect the glasses regularly for any signs of wear and tear which may reduce their efficiency. Because no matter how effective the safety equipment, accidents can still happen, so ensure that emergency first aid is easily available by installing eye wash stations and having eye wash bottles easily available.

The range of DENIOS UK eye protection

DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of protective eyewear, all of which is designed with comfort and a good fit in mind. Options include single lens safety glasses which are anti-mist and scratchproof, ideal for protecting the eyes during occupations such as soldering and grinding. Our inventory also includes safety goggles which are suitable for wearers of glasses and are chemical resistant. Gases and fumes can get past many types of protective eye gear, so if this is likely to be a hazard in your workplace, opt for anti-gas safety goggles with a secure seal to keep the eyes safe from the irritation and injury caused by gas. Stocking well-regarded brands, including 3M, Honeywell and Uvex, there is certain to be a type of eye protection suitable for your needs in our range.