Industrial Lights and Torches

Wherever poorly lit areas need to be made quickly visible, handlamps, tube luminaires and floodlights are part of the basic operating equipment. They are ideally suited for mobile use, for example in industry and workshops, and allow flexible illumination of the work area.

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work place torches

Flash Lights & Torches in a Manufacturing Setting

They are ideal for inspections and maintenance, as well as for work requiring brief, accurate illumination of the work area. In addition, they can complement existing lighting. But also in outdoor applications or emergencies, such as disaster or fire fighting missions have proved successful. Impact-resistant polycarbonate guarantees a long service life and high load-bearing capacity of the tube luminaire. Thanks to the long supply line, even larger areas can be easily reached. Ex-zones are equipped with suitable Ex hand-held lamps, which ensure optimum lighting in potentially explosive areas. 

Are hands-free workplace torches available?

To work efficiently you have to have your hands free. No problem! Many of our flashlights are equipped with a practical suspension hook that allows flexible hanging over the spot to be illuminated. If a permanent lighting is required, the hand lamps can also be fixed and converted into a wall lamp.