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SpillGuard® – the revolution in hazardous substance leak detection

Our engineers have developed the first warning system of its kind - SpillGuard®. A completely self-sufficient, immediately ready for use and suitable for any spill pallet - even in ATEX Zone 0! Leaked hazardous substances within the spill pallet are reliably detected and reported before they can cause major damage. And installation is easier than ever: Simply put in place, switch on & be safe!

Your advantages


The SpillGuard® detects leaks of all common liquid hazardous substances and can be fitted to any spill pallet - whether made of steel or plastic.

Self-sufficient System

The SpillGuard® works completely independently - no accessories, no system requirements. The integrated lifetime battery ensures reliable operation at all times.

24/7 surveillance

Additional security is guaranteed, even outside of the legally prescribed test intervals.

Reliable warning signal

SpillGuard® detects dangerous leaks before you do. As soon as the sensitive sensors come into contact with liquid, you will be warned.


The integrated lifetime battery ensures reliable operation over a long period of time. So the SpillGuard® can be used for up to 5 years.

Detect leaks more quickly – act in time

The leaking of liquid hazardous substances is not uncommon and can happen at any time. To reliably prevent the hazardous substances from getting into the ground, containers should be stored on spill pallets. However, leaking liquids are often not immediately detected in the sump - for example, if personnel are not constantly present or if a regular visual inspection has been forgotten due to everyday operational stresses. An uncleaned leak however, can quickly become dangerous.

For example, in the case of particularly sensitive substances that emit dangerous vapours, rapid action is required to counteract hazards. In addition, the functionality of the spill pallet - and therefore also the compliant sump volume - must be ensured at all times. If there is already liquid in the tub, this may no longer be guaranteed.

This is where SpillGuard® comes in. The warning system detects the leak as soon as it comes into contact with the liquid and sounds an acoustic and visual alarm. This ensures that you are warned as quickly as possible and that the necessary measures can be taken immediately.

Suitable for ATEX zone 0

SpillGuard® is suitable for ATEX Zone 0 and therefore meets the strictest requirements for explosion protection.

Technical features

Suitable for all common liquid hazardous substances
Flexible use for any collecting device
Suitable for use in ATEX Zone
Powerful battery life (approx. 5 years)
24/7 monitoring: Additional security outside of the statutory inspection intervals
Visual warning
Acoustic warning
Revolutionize your leak management now!
Buy SpillGuard® now

Buy SpillGuard® now

An early response minimizes your accident risk, serious health risks, follow-up costs and legal consequences in the event of a leak.

SpillGuard® Resistance list

SpillGuard® is designed for use with all common liquid hazardous substances. The SpillGuard® resistance list shows for which hazardous substances the functionality of the SpillGuard® has been proven over a defined period of at least 24 hours. For a substance not listed in the SpillGuard® resistance list, a laboratory test can be carried out on request to check the suitability of the SpillGuard®. Do not hesitate to contact us!

✓ suitable
✘ not suitable

Hazardous Material EC number Concentration Suitability
Acetic acid 200-580-7 96%
Acetic acid ethyl ester 205-500-4 99%
Acetone 200-662-2 99,7%
Ammonia Water (-solution) 215-647-6 20%
Butanone 200-751-4 Pure
Diesel 270-676-1 99,9%
Engine Oil*
Ethanol 200-578-4 99%
Ethylene glycol 203-473-3 98%
Gasoline 289-220-8 100%
Hydrochloric acid 231-595-7 31% (techn.)
Hydrochloric acid 231-595-7 37%
Hydrogen peroxide solution 231-765-0 35%
Iron - (III) -chloride 231-729-4 Saturated
Isobutanol 201-148-0 99%
Kerosene 232-366-4 100%
Methyl ethyl ketone 201-159-0 95%
Nitric acid 231-714-2 10%
Nitro thinner 203-745-1 100%
Phosphoric acid 231-633-2 80%
Potassium hydroxide 215-181-3 40%
Propanol 200-746-9 99,5%
Sodium hydroxide 215-185-5 40%
Sulphuric acid 231-639-5 80%
Toluene 203-625-9 98%
Transmission oil*
Xylene 215-535-7 97%

*Viscosity ≤ 3000 mPas, relative permittivity ≥ 2

Operating instructions & other documents

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