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Floor Marking Paints

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Floor marking paint is used for applying safety lines or directions on a floor or other surface. DENIOS UK provides durable coloured markings that stand up to hard usage in working environments and are easily seen for optimal work safety.

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Floor Marking Paints

Applying floor marking

When applying the floor paint, it is essential to ensure that the floor surface is clean and neat. This ensures crisp edges that improve the paint’s visibility from a distance, as well as preventing the colour from fading as dirt under the paint is rubbed off during normal wear. Precise lines can be quickly and easily applied with simple to use tools, such as our mobile marking equipment, which makes our floor marking paint an efficient option for large spaces as well as small areas.

Uses of floor marking paints

Public highways commonly use floor marking paint. Public roads have lanes, arrows, words and other marks scored with straight lines to demarcate specific instructions or situations. Facilities and buildings can use the paint to deliver similar information to customers or employees. DENIOS UK floor marking paints can be used to give directions and avoid confusion, an essential element to maximise worker safety. It can also be used to alert pedestrians or vehicles to potentially dangerous areas.

Quick drying

It is important to allow time for floor marking paint to dry thoroughly, so be sure to include drying time as well as application time when planning a project. The paint should be allowed to dry overnight to prevent streaking as well as smearing when touched. Some floor surfaces can take up to 12 hours to dry completely.

Once it is dry, DENIOS UK floor marking paint will stay intact for a long time without chipping or wearing off. Additionally, the floor marking paints are available in various colours such as yellow, blue or grey. It also comes in anti-slip versions for pedestrian traffic areas. It is important to ensure that the it is used where it is needed as its durability makes the paint hard to remove. Harsh chemicals are needed to remove floor making paint, so changes may require closing sections of the facility while removing the paint. This can affect normal business functions.

Safety and efficiency first

Floor marking paint is a simple and efficient way to direct traffic, indicate hazardous areas or set up work flow. Easy-to-use tools make applying the pigment simple and quick, although removing floor marking paint can be difficult. The paint is hard-wearing and comes in a range of colours and finishes, making it a versatile tool for many situations. Take a look at the range of floor marking paints available to see how DENIOS UK can benefit your business today.

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