Gas Bottle Storage

Gas Bottle Storage

Businesses use gas cylinders to store a range of flammable substances that can present hazards. When several cylinders are stored in the same place, there’s a higher risk of human error causing a problem. Furthermore, depending on how big the cylinders are and what they weigh individually, they can become extremely heavy once filled with a pressurised gas. There are specific guidelines regarding the maintenance, storage and use of a gas cylinder to mitigate the risk of an accident.

DENIOS UK can provide a gas cage for your workplace that conforms to recommendations laid down by the British Safety Gas Council. Our products will help you to follow the Health and Safety Executive recommendations around storage and efficiently manage the risks involved.

We have Gas Cages and other gas bottle storage products in a range of sizes to suit your individual needs. We also have Fire-resistant Gas Cylinder Storage for indoor use.

Gas Bottle Storage

How should gas cylinders be stored?

According to the HSE, careful consideration should be given to the positioning of an outdoor gas cylinder storage cage. They should be sited well away from traffic routes, building entry or exit points, and other stored materials. Sadly, there is always a possibility that plant materials can be vandalised, so our gas bottle storage cage options have a lock and key to keep the contents secure.

As noted by the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), ventilation is another key factor when storing compressed gases. Where possible, each gas cylinder cage should be kept in the open air so that any leaking vapour can be dispersed quickly.

If your site maintains a range of hazardous materials, then nothing with self-reactive, flammable or toxic properties can be stored together. We sell a wide selection of containers, racks and cabinets for hazardous material storage, but for gas bottle storage you’ll need a separate cage.

Why use a Gas Cylinder Cage?

Every product in our gas bottle cage range is designed to keep the containers in an upright position with their valves at the top. That is because accidents can happen in the workplace that involve heavy objects falling or sliding. If one lands on a cylinder valve and shears it off, the gaseous content may leak if it is vertical, but when it is in a horizontal position it can travel across a building incredibly quickly as the gas is expelled.

Similarly, gas cylinders that are designed to be free-standing can become very dangerous, even if they receive only minimal damage. That is why our products have feet that can be adjusted to create a level surface, along with straps to hold cylinders in position and a warning symbol to keep personnel alert.

Fire Rated Gas Cylinder Storage

Although it is recommended that all gas bottle storage be sited outdoors, it may be necessary to bring some cylinders inside if there is no appropriate external space. In that case, you’ll need a Fire-resistant Storage Container that has been specially designed for holding gas cylinders.

Only on rare occasions do cylinders cause a fire, but when they are exposed to a fire they can present several grave risks. Primarily, cylinders that remain close to a fire for a continuous period can burst with incredible force. The resultant debris can cause serious injuries, and the fuel can feed the fire, making it even harder to contain.

At DENIOS UK, all of our Fire-resistant Gas Bottle Storage is rigorously tested to ensure that it complies with DIN EN 14470-2. As a result, they have been approved as G30 and G90. G30 refers to the provisions made inside a cabinet to manage the cylinders in a safe environment; that includes cylinder retainers to keep everything in place, tilt-resistant shelves, and a door that stays in place – even if it has not been locked. G90 is the highest possible category of protection, offering resistance to fire that lasts up to 90-minutes.

Fire Rated Gas Bottle Storage Cabinet

Why buy from DENIOS UK?

When you need a gas storage cage for your organisation such us for your oxygen cylinder storage needs, but you’re unsure about where to start, our knowledgeable team can guide you on choosing the best equipment for your needs. Better still, they are only a phone call away if you need support at a later date.

At DENIOS UK, we have been supplying protection and safety equipment for more than 30 years. In that time, we have become industry leaders in the storage of hazardous materials, and you can be assured that everything that we do is manufactured to the highest standard, right here in the UK.

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