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Charging room WFP Li-Ion

The fire protection system with smart charging management

Companies that use battery-powered electric devices instead of combustion engines protect the environment and save costs. However, caution must be exercised when charging the device batteries, because statistically there is an increased risk of fire here - especially if lithium batteries are not charged professionally or without supervision outside of operating hours. In a DENIOS fire protection room, you can charge the lithium batteries of your devices safely and cost-effectively.

Three measures for optimum charging safety

In order to avoid property damage, to ensure insurance cover as well as the supervisory duty required by most equipment manufacturers during loading, you can implement three basic safety measures with the loading space WFP Li-Ion from DENIOS:

Fire protection

The WFP Li-Ion charging room from DENIOS guarantees at least 90 minutes of fire resistance from the inside and outside. This means time saved in an emergency for evacuation and extinguishing work. Optional technical ventilation or air conditioning prevents heat build-up when charging the lithium batteries.

Rapid detection

By connecting the DENIOS connect warning system, seamless sensor monitoring of the charging room is ensured. In the event of fire, locking or extinguishing systems are activated, alarms are triggered and/or automatic notifications are sent by e-mail or SMS.

Extinguishing technology

Fire protection is optimally supported with extinguishing technology specially designed for lithium batteries. The WFP Li-Ion charging room can be equipped with an aerosol extinguishing system, a flood spray extinguishing system or spray mist sprinklers, for example.

Products and model variants

The WFP Li-Ion charging room is available in four different dimensions. Depending on the size and number of chargers, the loading space can be equipped with suitable built-in shelves and socket strips. The WFP Li-Ion is tested and approved as a complete system with 90 minutes fire protection (REI 90) from the inside and outside - approval procedures can be handled quickly and easily.

Smart charging management: more efficiency, less costs

Problems when charging many batteries at the same time

The batteries of electrical devices are often charged during non-working hours so that they are available the next working day and no time has to be spent on charging during working hours. The problem: If many chargers are used at the same time and consume a large amount of power in a short time, this can quickly lead to a critical overload of the power grid. Yet there is often no need for simultaneous or immediate charging. This is where the smart charging management from DENIOS comes into the game - a new and innovative equipment option for the WFP Li-Ion.

Intelligent technology: How smart charging management solves the problem

The charging management, which is controlled via a PLC, measures the currently available power and is able to distribute it intelligently. In the process, the individual sockets located in the WFP Li-Ion are first connected in series. As soon as a connected charger is registered, the power supply is maintained until the charging process is completed. Then the next chargers are released. In this way, the available time for charging is used efficiently.

Your advantages with smart charging management

No expensive new power line installation

To be able to charge many batteries at the same time, a high charging power is required. With the smart charging management from DENIOS, the chargers are not controlled simultaneously, but intelligently, thus reducing the power required at the same time. You save yourself the expense of laying new power lines.

Batteries are reliably charged and failures are avoided

If larger quantities of lithium-ion batteries are to be charged, simultaneous charging processes must not lead to a mains overload. The smart charge management enables intelligent control based on the available power reserves. Problems such as the fuse blowing are thus excluded and the batteries are always reliably charged.

Efficient use of cheap electricity

The availability of cheap electricity, e.g. from renewable energies, fluctuates over the course of the day. In addition to power-controlled distribution, the smart charging management also enables a timer option with which you can schedule your charging processes for the optimal time.

Making savings visible

With Smart Charging Management, you can visualise how much CO2 and costs you have already saved by using electric appliances compared to petrol. Consumption data and current energy prices are used for this purpose.


Customisation possible: You can conveniently control and adjust operating parameters such as the available power, the drawn power per socket as well as the switching times via a display mounted on the load compartment.

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