Manual Handling and Drum Handling Equipment

Drum trolleys and drum dollies

At DENIOS, we stock a range of drum trolleys and dollies designed to make it easy to manoeuvre drums, barrels and gas cylinders safely in and out of your premises as you carry out your operations. These devices are designed to minimise the strain involved in manual transport and ensure that dangerous and corrosive substances can be handled appropriately.

Some of our devices are designed to enable movement in an upright position and are recommended for some volatile materials, while others can be used to tilt drums for greater ease of movement. We stock devices with solid tyres or pneumatic tyres. The latter allow for smoother and more comfortable movement, but the former are better suited for use on surfaces where there is a recurrent puncture risk.

Some trolleys are designed for use on level surfaces only, while others can be used to move barrels up short flights of stairs. It’s important to pay attention to weight limits, especially when using them in this way.

Drum Handling Equipment - Drum Trolley

Drum lifting equipment

Lifting heavy barrels is much simpler with our drum lifters and drum lifting equipment. Using these devices, the average person can move a 205 litre drum easily and safely, making your workplace much more efficient.

Automatically closing drum clamps secure the drum and a hydraulic pump then enables it to be raised. A gas spring ensures a smooth lifting and lowering process to minimise disturbance to volatile materials. The drum is secured with three position points and is double-locked into place.

The drum lifters stocked at DENIOS UK are built on a broad chassis, which comfortably spans Euro-pallets, so they can be used for loading and unloading drums. Once the drum is raised, they can be rolled back and repositioned to allow it to be lowered into the right place.

Forklift attachments

Moving drums manually is not always practical. When you want to use a forklift truck to do the heavy lifting, the DENIOS UK range of forklift attachments in the form of drum grippers, drum lifters and drum turners makes it easy.

We stock a variety of different drum grippers designed to secure drums from different angles, so they can be selected according to how you wish to move and position the drum – for instance, whether you want to lift it from above so that you can get it into a more elevated position or hold it from one side so that you can more easily slot it into a small space in a truck or warehouse.

Drum lifter attachments for forklifts are designed to secure drums and raise or lower them smoothly, much like manual lifters but enabling you to manage greater weights or perform the task repeatedly over a long period without the risk of injury. They are designed to span Euro-pallets for easy loading and unloading. The drum lifters in our range are fully galvanised, so they meet safety standards for the movement of hazardous materials.

Drum turners give your forklift maximum control over a raised drum to enable it to be repositioned – for example, to ensure that a label or a drum tap is positioned at the front.

Drum tongs

Drum tongs are designed to support drums and barrels in an upright position in order to enable the smooth movement of hazardous substances. They can clamp directly around the rim of a drum or can be secured to clamping rings, and they can be used with forklift lifting attachments for maximum efficiency.

Using drum tongs means that you can move drums when they are unsealed or even when they’re open without the risk of spillage. There are also special grippers available for moving drums in a horizontal position where that is more appropriate.

Always ensure that you choose drum tongs with sufficient capacity for the loads that you wish to manage. Drum tongs with stopping devices can manage maximum loads of 350 kg. Replacement chains and hooks are available to help you keep your drum tongs in good functional order.

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