Anti Slip Mats

With a full line of workplace matting and safety flooring and other work safety equipment, DENIOS UK offers an excellent selection of anti-slip mats. Anti-slip mats help to prevent accidents before they happen, reduce fatigue and keep your staff comfortable and alert. 

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Anti-slip mats in the workplace

A prevalent safety hazard in an industrial workplace is the danger of slipping. If your organisation uses any type of liquid in its operations, you run the risk of employees slipping and falling. The results of a slip-and-fall accident can have major consequences, not only if your employees are injured, but also due to the liability you may assume as the employer. These potential consequences are why using anti-slip matting is important. Anti-slip mats are especially useful in entranceways, walkways and food processing areas.

Most organisations have some type of liquid in the workplace, whether it is oil from machinery or water from a tap or hose. DENIOS UK offers anti-slip mats that can give both you and your employees the peace of mind that comes with having a safe work environment.

Benefits of anti-slip mats

Anti-slip matting can provide safety for employers and employees alike. As slip-and-fall accidents are the most frequent cause of injuries to employees in most workplace settings, it is prudent to have anti-slip matting in place in areas that are susceptible to this type of accident. Friction matting can help prevent employee slip-and-fall accidents by providing excellent drainage. The rough surface of anti-slip mats also helps to ensure employee safety on an on-going basis. In general, anti-slip matting is one of the most cost-effective methods to improve workplace health and safety.

Our range of anti-slip mats

DENIOS UK offers anti-slip mats in various versions, sizes and materials that are ideal for use on metal, concrete and wooden floors. We have anti-slip mat versions with fine grooves, wide grooves, a hammer-blow look and a stud-plate look. Our slip matting ranges in width from 910mm to 1400mm. These friction mats have excellent rip and abrasion resistance and are resistant to many acids, chemicals and oils. Our anti-slip mats are also suitable for use on trucks and tool carts.