Plastic Spill Pallets

DENIOS polyethylene sumps are manufactured on our own premises, using a rotational moulding procedure and are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

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Plastic Spill Pallets

Plastic Spill Pallets are used frequently in industry in order to help to keep drums and IBCs safely stored. The pallets are made from polyethylene, which is environmentally-friendly, and it meets with all the current standards and regulations. The spill pallet is an added form of protection to help to prevent leaks and spills. All types of materials can be stored on the spill pallets from oils to food ingredients – essentially anything that can be stored in an IBC. It is the ideal way to store small quantities of different products in small industrial settings such as garages, but there are larger options available if you need to store more than one IBC.

Those who need to store flammable products or substances that are water hazardous should opt for the Steel Spill Pallets, which also have a range of accessories available.

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Advantages of using Plastic Spill Pallets

The Plastic Spill Pallets are designed to help with storage and those who need access to them but also require neat storage, either indoors or out, will find that the polyethylene spill pallets are ideal. They often come with extras such as plastic sumps and plastic bunds. In any workplace where health and safety are a factor, it is important to ensure that chemicals of all kinds are correctly stored and dispensed and the plastic IBC sump pallets can help to achieve that. They are easy to use and maintain and all workers can be trained to work safely with products such as this.

The DENIOS UK range

The polyethylene sumps that are offered by DENIOS UK are made on our site using a method of rotational moulding. The products can be recycled, and they are strong enough to carry heavy loads, with some of the Plastic Spill Pallets being robust enough to hold two full IBCs. The range contains a variety of sump capacities so no matter what type of chemicals you are storing, these products can handle them. They conform to all the current regulations and the manufacturing process means that they are free of oils, are resistant to acid and alkali and by avoiding steel components they become resistant to corrosion. The grids that come with the Plastic Spill Pallets are made from PE or are galvanised and they are so easy to clean and maintain that the workplace will continue to run smoothly even if there is a small spill or leak.

As well as the range of Plastic Spill Pallets there is a series of accessories that can be used with the pallets such as Drum Mounts. These can be useful if the storage also needs to be a dispensing station. There are also Polyethylene Spill Pallets that come with accessibility for forklift trucks and pallet trucks. Another option is to pick up a model that is fitted with castors and a handle so that it can be easily moved as needed.

An example of the Plastic Spill Pallets from DENIOS UK is the Sump Pallet Polysafe Euro. This is made from polyethylene, comes without a grid and will hold 2 of the 60 litre containers, with a 70-litre capacity. The spill pallet is designed to withstand variations in temperature so can cope with being outside in all weathers. The fact that there is no grid means that it can be used for direct container storage.

An alternative is the IBC sump pallet ECO 1. Also made from polyethylene, this unit has a standing surface and it is for one IBC. This unit has been designed to meet the latest design and safety specifications and has all-round corrosion protection. It can also be used to hold small containers as well as an IBC.

Our Service

Some of the Plastic Spill Pallets come with a 5-year warranty, so if you have a problem the DENIOS UK team will be happy to help. We offer free delivery on some items and our team are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Add to all of this our 30-day returns policy and the service offered by DENIOS UK is the ideal way to get the products that you need for your business. If you are unsure which of the Plastic Spill Pallets might be useful for your business, then all you have to do is call and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to offer you guidance on the type of product that might meet your business needs.