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Plastic Spill Pallets

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Water-polluting substances or aggressive materials, such as acids and alkalis, are stored on a plastic (PE) spill pallet. All DENIOS PE spill pallets are available in versions for drums, IBCs, small containers or Euro pallets. In addition, spill pallets can be equipped with a plastic grid, a galvanised grid or a plastic pallet. A wide range of containment volumes is offered from smaller quantities, such as 200 litres, to large quantities, such as 1,000 litres. To enable the storage area to be moved, some spill pallets can be accessed underneath or are on wheels. DENIOS offers polyethylene spill pallets that have been tested and approved by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

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Plastic Spill Pallets from DENIOS

The right spill pallet for your company

The extensive range of plastic spill pallets offers sizes for storing up to five 205 litre drums or two 1000 litre IBCs. Choose the most appropriate storage surface for your PE spill pallet. Options include:

  • Grids in plastic or galvanised steel,

  • Storage domes for IBCs or pallets

  • Storage areas or mounts in plastic

  • Trays with or without a grid

Also discover our steel spill pallets and stainless steel spill pallets.

Principles of storage on spill pallets

Whenever you have to handle hazardous substances in your business, the Environment Agency prescribes careful handling of these media. Hazardous substances are all media that can affect the properties of water, such as oils, chemicals, acids and alkalis.

A provision of the WHG states that for water polluting substances drums, IBCs and small containers must be stored on a suitable spill pallet. A spill pallet prevents the contents of the containers from spilling onto the ground or into the groundwater. Spill pallets must be able to collect between 25 and 110 % of the stored medium.

Depending on the container to be stored, different sized spill pallets are available for different media in our range. If you want to store canisters, safety containers or small drums, take a look at our Steel Spill Trays for Small Containers, Plastic or Stainless Steel .

If you want to protect large areas from hazardous substances, we have surface protection systems in the form of Spillage Decking in the DENIOS range.

What are the advantages of a plastic spill pallet?

  • Plastic spill pallets are made entirely of polyethylene (PE) and are therefore absolutely corrosion-free
  • For the efficient storage of various acids and alkalis as well as oils and non-combustible cleaning chemicals
  • Tested and approved by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)
  • Plastic spill pallets available as floor trays, accessible underneath or as mobile variant with castors
  • Also available in a dissipative design
  • Solid or flexible: with the help of a flexible front, drums can be easily stored on and removed from pallets. The solid variant of the plastic spill pallet, on the other hand, offers the highest quality and robustness

Plastic spill pallets knowledge & expertise

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