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Gas Cylinder Handling

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Gas cylinders are one of the most convenient ways to move and store pressurised gases for use in laboratories, water treatment works, and more. Although accidents that involve a gas cylinder can cause substantial injuries in the workplace, the risks involved with handling these pressurised containers can be managed with the correct kit from DENIOS UK.

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How to Handle Gas Cylinders Safely in the Workplace

According to advice from the Health and Safety Executive, knowing the best way to handle and use a gas cylinder is vital to avoid accidents. The HSE states that all employers and self-employed people have a duty of care that involves consulting the workforce on health and safety, as well as providing them with the safe equipment that they need to do their job. So that businesses across the UK can get on with day-to-day operations in compliance with these guidelines, we have created a range of products, including gas bottle handling equipment such as gas bottle trolleys, pallets and polyethylene wall mounts for secure storage.

Using a Gas Bottle Trolley

Using a suitable gas cylinder trolley is vital. That is why our models are complete with supporting handles and steel security chains. They ensure that excessive strain is not placed on the arms of a technician when the gas cylinder trolley is in motion. For maximum protection, staff should always wear boots with steel toe-caps, and to get a firm grip Protective Gloves should be worn when loading a cylinder. To move a cylinder, it should be tilted forward slightly so that it is resting on the rim of its base, then be rotated in a “milk churning” fashion from the gas bottle trolley to the rack. Gas cylinders should never be dropped to the floor and then dragged or rolled along as it could agitate the contents and put the bottle at risk of rupturing.

Wall Brackets for Gas Cylinders

In a busy work environment, you can save a sizable area of floor space by storing your gas cylinders against the wall in a bracket. Our solutions ensure that cylinders are always kept in a vertical position, and we provide suitable restraints to prevent them from toppling over, even if they receive the odd nudge. When installing a gas cylinder wall bracket, choose a location with care. It should be well away from any heat sources, flammable materials, and sources of ignition, and on a free-draining surface. A spot that is not regularly passed by vehicles, or by staff with trolleys, is ideal as your cylinders will not be vulnerable to impacts from heavy plant. When you are storing LPG in a gas bottle wall bracket, it must be placed at least 3m away from any other cylinders containing compressed gas – that includes acetylene. Similarly, all gases that have corrosive or toxic properties must be kept at least 1m from other gases. As we have plenty of options to choose from, keeping your stock at a safe distance should never be a problem.

Using a Gas Cylinder Stand

When you need to store one or more gas cylinders securely, we have stands that can be used individually or connected to form additional storage. Powder coated for durability, they come complete with a secure chain to keep the contents steady and can be wall mounted if you’d prefer.

Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas bottle stands are ideal for keeping stock in place, but when you need to manoeuvre pressurised containers around your site, we have Galvanised Steel Cylinder Pallets to get the job done safely. Manufactured with a steel frame that’s strengthened with galvanised steel, they feature crane eyes on two sides and hooks where operators can hang masks or goggles. The pallets also have fold-down bars to prevent any bumps or scuffs to the cylinders and to stop them falling out while in transit. These pallets provide a method of moving pressurised bottles that will reduce the risk of accidents and boost the efficiency of your business.


For the last 30 years, we have been supplying food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories with all the equipment that they need to work safely. As our client base continues to grow, we maintain a focus on great-quality products and excellent customer service. Take a look at our terms and conditions to find out more about free delivery, 30-day returns and up to four years warranty. In the meantime, if you are looking for gas cylinder handling equipment but you need some practical advice, feel free to call one of our experts.

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