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Impact and Corner Protection

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Impact protection profiles offered by DENIOS UK protect walls, pipes, pillars and corners from damage and also reduce the risk of injury to employees. The warning colour of the impact protection guards signal to all employees of the possible danger.

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Avoid accidents with corner and pipe protection from DENIOS UK

Increase traffic safety in your company

Effective impact protection not only helps to protect costly inventory and demarcate traffic routes. Above all, the products are also suitable for increasing the safety of your own employees with little effort. Depending on the product design, a few simple steps are all that is needed for correct installation. Impact protection brackets and profiles are usually anchored to the ground with screws. The necessary mounting material is supplied and allows even non-experts to install them correctly. The same applies to wall protection profiles, which are usually made of polyethylene. Surface protection products made of PU foam are magnetic throughout and can be placed directly on metallic surfaces. Here, the material also allows quick adjustment to the desired length; a sharp knife is all that is needed.

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In the classic black-yellow or red-white signal markings

The most frequent causes of accidents with forklift trucks in operation are hitting components or persons. As such, edges are also to be classified as potential injury risks and must be taken into account accordingly. Edge protection measures therefore fulfil a dual function as material and employee protection products. Characteristic for the marking of edges are the black-yellow or red-white signal markings that are often found in industrial environments and logistics centres. These DENIOS products provide effective impact and edge protection:

  • Corner protection profiles
  • Pipe protection
  • Surface protection
  • Impact protection bumpers
  • Impact protection angles
  • Pillar protection profiles
  • Profile and edge protection
  • Shelf protection
  • Protection Barriers

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