Impact and Corner Protection

Impact protection profiles offered by DENIOS protect walls, pillars and corners from damage and also reduce the risk of injury to employees. The warning colour of the impact protection guards signal to all employees of the possible danger.

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Impact and Corner Protection Systems - DENIOS UK

An impact protection system includes devices that are installed in the corners and edges of buildings, especially workplace buildings, to offer protection and safety. Aside from offering safety to employees, they also protect walls, corners and pillars from damage which safeguards buildings as well as people. Impact protection guards have unique cautionary colours that come in handy to warn employees of possible danger or injury. These systems are also suitable for areas where there is high traffic such as warehouses and production assemblies.


What are protection systems used for?

Impact protection systems have a number of effective uses in work areas. In a high traffic area, such as busy warehouse, they help in the separation of traffic routes. Our impact protection corner 800, plastic coated, yellow with black stripes, 800 x 160 mm is particularly successful in this regard. The systems are also installed in buildings to help bring about the safety of workers or employees. Protection systems can also be found in hospitals, colleges, offices and casinos. In hospital and medical working environments, the most common protection systems include guardrails, handrails, corner guards and bed protectors. Other systems act as warning signs, such as in basement parking lots, where they are installed on corners and sharp bends. These also give direction to drivers within a car park or garage.

Our products help to protect the surfaces upon which they are installed. Walls, corners and doors can be protected by providing a physical barrier against any chips, cracks, dents or other damage which may be caused as a result of wheeled or pedestrian traffic bumping into them. The protection systems help to minimise the need to do repair or routine maintenance work on premises, which saves money as well as improving safety.

How do impact protection systems facilitate daily operations?

Premises where DENIOS UK impact protection systems are installed are safer for those visiting the site. A good example would be a parking basement with sharp corners. Without a good protection system, chances for vehicle collisions are high as drivers make wide turns or fail to see other drivers. Where these systems are installed, drivers are aware of the tight space so accidents are minimised and the fallout from them when they do occur is reduced.

Protection system benefits

  • They offer protection to employees and visitors on the premises
  • Help to reduce maintenance costs which arise due to damages occurring on wall surfaces, especially on corners where impacts are common
  • They help to make the premises where they are installed look neat and efficient so that visitors and clients view the organisation positively

Impact protection systems from DENIOS UK

DENIOS UK has a wide range of impact protection systems that you can choose from to help make your business or organisational premises safe including surface protection, corner protection and pillar protection. They are made with the highest standard and quality materials. Take a look at our range today to find the right protection materials for your individual needs.

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