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Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Stations

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Whether in case of contact with alkalis, acids, heat or extreme dirt: Eye wash stations and emergency showers provide quick immediate help and provide relief in case of chemical burns and foreign body effects. Due to their compact design, the items in the DENIOS range can be stored and mounted directly at the workplace and are therefore on hand when they are needed. Equip your workplace with emergency showers and eyewashes from DENIOS. All DENIOS eye wash and emergency shower equipment comply with the latest EN-15154 regulation.

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Effective emergency aid: Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Stations

Effective emergency aid in an emergency

The protection of eyes and body is of particular importance when dealing with hazardous substances. If an emergency occurs despite all preventive measures, the eye wash and emergency shower for first aid must be available quickly. Further assistance should be taken as soon as possible to minimize the damage. Eye wash bottles can be stored directly at each workstation. Further safety is provided by stationary eye showers, body showers or combined systems.

Emergency showers: 10 questions, 10 answers

Emergency showers and eyewashes are essential first aid facilities in case of contamination. In the DENIOS emergency shower FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about body emergency showers, eye emergency showers and eye rinsing solutions.

Eye and body safety showers: These criteria must be fulfilled

  • They must be barrier-free accessible
  • They must be quick and easy to use
  • They must be able to remove contaminants as well as chemicals from the eyes and skin.

Eye Wash Bottles: Easy to Use & Portable

It is not always possible to use a permanently installed emergency shower. Eye wash bottles are recommended, among other things, for rooms where there is no constant work (eg battery rooms or construction sites). With eyewash bottles, the care of an injured person can be ensured within the important first seconds. An eyewash bottle with 500 ml content is enough for a 4-minute flush. To ensure longer rinsing time, additional eye wash bottles should be available or a nearby eye-water connected to the water network should be used. Eye wash bottles have one or two ergonomically shaped eye cups. These provide for opened eyelids during the rinsing process so that the sterile rinsing fluid can reach the injured eye directly. The rinsing solution used is saline (sodium chloride) in 0.9% concentration. The solution is pH-neutral and suitable for neutralizing acids.

Fixed emergency showers

Not only in the case of chemical burns on the eyes (for example due to contact with acids or alkalis) immediate rinsing with an emergency shower is necessary to avoid lasting damage. Basically, a flushing time of 20 minutes is recommended. In order to minimize possible contamination of the body, full-body showers are also used for quick first aid after accidents. They are characterized by their easy operation. Your advantages depending on the version:

  • Table or wall mounting with eye showers
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with body showers
  • Combination of eye and body showers in one device
  • Frost-free equipment available for outdoor use

Regulations and guidelines on eye and emergency showers

The employer is obliged to take the necessary occupational safety measures. Depending on the workplace and the daily tasks, this also includes the provision of safety showers. The European guidelines on safety showers are laid down in European standard EN-15154. It is divided into five parts and describes the use of body and eye showers with and without water supply.

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