Plastic Spillage Decking

Plastic spillage decking is ideal for protecting larger areas or whole rooms from spilled liquids during filling and transferring operations. Plastic spill decking offers a high resistance to acids, alkali and oils and is available with galvanized or PE grids. Connecting elements between the individual floor sumps allow for a variety of uses.

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Plastic spillage decking to protect large areas

Filling containers and transferring liquids can be a messy occupation with any leaks or drips potentially causing damage to the premises, and in the case of hazardous chemicals, there may be a risk of injury or environmental damage. Good work safety requires steps to be taken to prevent this. Plastic spillage decking is a simple but effective solution that allows a large area or even a whole room to be protected from spills.

Advantages of plastic spillage decking

Spill decking is a highly versatile form of protection. Sections come in different sizes and can be easily connected, making the creation of a protected area a simple process, no matter the size or shape required. The height is low, making them easy to access. On the top is a removable plastic or galvanised grid for storage. The plastic spillage decking is highly resistant to aggressive substances, including acids, alkalis and oils. By storing and transferring these liquids in the plastic sumps, the space is protected from any spills.

The range at DENIOS UK

DENIOS UK has an extensive range of plastic ground sumps in a variety of sizes, such as the Bunded Spill Flooring BK 8.15, a plastic sump measuring 800 x 1500 x 150mm. You can also choose whether you want a spillage decking with a galvanised grid or one with a polyethylene grid.

DENIOS UK also stocks everything that you need for fitting your plastic spillage decking. These include joining elements, an edge fastener and distance joiners. Although the spill decking is low in height, it can still be awkward to manoeuvre large drums into place on the decking. However, with the addition of an access ramp, this becomes an easy process. A number of these ramps can be added for all-round access.

Where to install plastic sumps

Plastic spillage decking is useful in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and waste management, as well as anywhere else hazardous liquids are stored or dispensed. Their versatile nature allows them to be installed anywhere on the premises where they will be most useful, such as storerooms and warehouses.

With any spills easily contained, the worksite will run more efficiently, and with any spills not causing damage to flooring, no time or money will be wasted in repairs. The plastic spillage decking from DENIOS UK is of a high standard and conforms to all required regulation, but regular checks to ensure that it is fitted correctly are a good idea to maintain the highest environmental safety standards. With a warranty of four years, DENIOS UK ensures that you have plastic spillage decking that will last for some time to come.