Steel Spillage Decking

Steel spillage decking are specially manufactured floor elements used to protect larger areas or whole rooms, approved for the storage of flammable liquids and materials of all water hazard classes. All DENIOS steel spillage decking meet the high requirements of current legislation. 

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Why use steel spillage decking?

Spills of hazardous materials happen easily, and although they can be quickly cleaned, at best they are likely to stain or damage the premises. At worst, they could accumulate to accelerate a fire or end up in the drainage system, where it can contaminate the water. Steel spillage decking allows the spill to be contained and easily disposed of in a way that will not cause any further hazard. The steel ground sumps in the range at DENIOS UK includes units of varying size, making it easy to create the protection required for the space. Steel spill decking is useful across a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing, as well as anywhere else that handles flammable substances and those that may contaminate water.

Protect large areas 

When filling containers and transferring liquids, there is always a risk of leaks or drips. If these are flammable substances or can contaminate water, then it is essential for good work safety that steps are taken to contain these before they cause any damage or injuries. While steel spill pallets are an effective measure, often a larger solution is required. To protect a large area or even an entire room from flammable or contaminating substances, steel spillage decking is the best solution.

The range at DENIOS UK

As well as units of different sizes, you can choose different heights, such as bunded spill flooring at 78mm or bunded spill flooring at 123mm. Both are low enough to make access easy. Another point to consider before purchasing is the maximum wheel load. Many of the steel spill decks at DENIOS UK can cope with a wheel load of up to 450kg, but for a more heavy-duty steel spill deck, opt for one with a maximum wheel load of 2000kg.

Installation of steel spillage decking

At DENIOS UK, we make sure that you have everything that you need to install your steel sump flooring, including edge fasteners and joining elements. Although the steel spillage decking is low, you can improve ease of access with our range of ramps. The versatile nature of steel sump flooring allows them to be installed wherever on the premises they will be most useful, with storerooms and warehouses being popular choices. As a leading retailer of environmental safety products, you can shop with confidence knowing that the steel spillage decking from DENIOS UK is manufactured to a high standard and meets the necessary safety legislation.