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The requirements for solutions for the thermal treatment of materials differ greatly from those for conventional storage. Many companies in the chemical and food industry work with additives on a daily basis. These include resins, additives or hydrocarbon-based substances. In the food sector, typical products to be tempered are fats, fillings and chocolate. All these products can only be incorporated into the production process at a certain temperature or within a certain temperature range. Thermal solutions, such as industrial ovens from DENIOS prepare the materials and keep them within fixed temperature ranges. We offer industrial ovens or heated containers up to +180°C and refrigerated containers down to -5°C.

DENIOS develops and manufactures approved thermal engineering solutions that are built:

  • According to the customer's requirements

  • To perform with high efficiency

  • To certified quality

Important additions to your product


Take advantage of the variety in the DENIOS product range to set up your heat chamber to meet your individual needs. If you wish, we can take care of the electrical equipment, the fire alarm system and the condition monitoring system, for example. Discover innovations for modern heat chambers in our equipment range.


Our service concept covers the whole order process and product life cycle. DENIOS technicians will ensure the professional installation of your room system and will work with you to complete the Site Acceptance Test including all installation and operational tests. After commissioning, we will be happy to take over regular maintenance for you.

Thermotechnology - A concise guide to climate controlled storage

How can thermotechnology help your business? There are two key reasons to have climate controlled storage: safety and efficiency.

Safety: hazardous and volatile substances often need to be stored at specific and consistent temperatures to keep them safe.

Efficiency: storing and maintaining substances at the best temperatures for immediate use your manufacturing process improves efficiency.

Find out more about how harnessing thermotechnology-based solutions can work to improve your business operations. Read more here.

Are industrial ovens, heated containers and cold rooms industry specific?

Heated containers, industrial ovens and cold storage units can be used across a wide range of industries and in different situations. This can range from food producers, pharmaceuticals, printing and a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Thermotechnology is used for tasks such as:

  • Reducing viscosity to improve pumping or filling processes

  • Melting solids for process feed

  • Temperature control of substances to they are ready at the optimum working temperature

  • Avoiding crystallisation of flocculation of hazardous materials

  • Storing temperature-sensitive materials safely

  • Avoiding thermal reactions, e.g. with organic peroxides

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