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DENIOS Thermotechnology

Effectively heat, cool or maintain materials

Requirements for systems for the thermal processing of process materials are fundamentally different from conventional storage tasks. Companies from the chemical industry as well as the food industry work with additives every day.

These may be resins, additives or oil-based substances. Especially in the food sector, fats, fillers or chocolate are typical user fields. All these substances can only be processed optimally in a certain temperature range.

Thermal chambers from DENIOS constantly prepares these substances in defined temperature ranges up to 150°C, with higher temperatures available on request. 


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DENIOS Thermotechnology at a glance

For more than 30 years, DENIOS has specialized in the realization of standardized as well as individual solutions in the field of thermotechnology - customer-oriented, efficient and in outstanding quality:

  • Heated Chambers

  • Heating Systems for Drums & IBCs

  • Cooling Chambers

  • Custom Made Solutions

A DENIOS heating chamber is committed to achieving the guaranteed temperature quickly and reliably - even in fluctuating ambient temperatures. To ensure this, the central components of heat exchangers, air distribution, high-quality insulation materials and precise control are optimally matched to each other. Building on this, the customization takes place with a multitude of equipment variants in terms of doors, heating, ventilation, fire protection and much more. Each system is individually tailored to meet the needs of the customer - and at attractive prices.

DENIOS heated chambers offer thermal processing with added value:

  • Reliable temperature stability

  • Energy saving and efficient

  • Low operating costs

  • Short heating times

  • Compliant spill pallet

  • Designed according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and DIN EN 746-1

  • Complies with EN 1090

  • Fire-proof version (optional)

  • Explosion proof design according to ATEX-RL-206/34/EG (optional)

  • Silicone free design (optional)

Standard features

A solid frame made of welded steel profiles and a compliant spill pallet form the basis for our heated chambers. The all-round insulation reduces thermal bridges to a minimum. The insulation used consists of 100 mm thick sandwich elements with mineral wool core, which have a fire resistance classification of EI 120 (according to EN 13501). In the thermally insulated door area, all-round silicone seals and rotary bolt locks ensure minimum energy losses. Heating register and control are designed according to your needs. You also decide on positioning capacity and design.

Principle of operation

In the upper part of the heated container, the air is sucked in by means of a centrifugal fan and heated via a downstream heat exchanger. Through air ducts, the heated air is introduced below the products again. The turbulent air flow ensures rapid and homogeneous heating of the adjusted products. The interaction between heat exchanger and air duct, fan and air duct geometry is of crucial importance for the uniform temperature distribution in the entire system.

The diagram shows a schematic diagram of the thermal chamber: Turbulent flow around the containers for efficient heating.

Individual Equipment and Configuration

Heated containers from DENIOS are available in various sizes and with equipment variants. Whether in a space-saving design (for up to 12 drums or 3 IBCs), with a lot of adjustment capacity on a small footprint (for up to 36 drums or 9 IBCs), for processing large volumes (for up to 72 drums or 18 IBCs) or as a customised solution according to your individual needs.

We offer a variety of options:

  • Various heating source options available, including electricity and steam

  • Integrated spill pallet

  • Removable spill pallet

  • Option for painted, galvanized and stainless steel surfaces

  • Temperatures up to 150°C

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Wide range of storage capacities

  • Inside of unit Ex T3 or T4

  • Inside of unit Ex-zone 1 and 2

  • Outside of unit Ex T3 or T4

  • Outside of unit Ex-zone 1 and 2

  • Non Ex options available

Accessories for your heating system

With versatile equipment options, we adapt your thermal solution to your individual requirements. For the interior we offer a field-tested selection of spill pallets, for more flexibility and faster processes we replace the grids with roller conveyors or rail systems. We also design the required insulation or safety technology according to the task that your system must fulfill. Additional equipment for the body of your container can be used to optimise everyday processes. Swing doors require more space than roller doors, but have better insulation properties. Various holding devices prevent the doors from slamming, canopies and rain protection devices minimise weather-related influences. Technical ventilation or safety technology additionally increase safety. On request, we are happy to offer you further components, which facilitate the handling of the thermal chambers.

Hover your mouse over the images to read descriptions of the accessories shown

Exhaust air function: When dangerous vapors are generated in the interior, switching to the exhaust air mode enables the removal of the contaminated atmosphere and thus a safe opening of the doors.
Spill pallets: In addition to the integrated WHG tray, the system can also be equipped with the following variants: Drawer tray, collecting tray with gradient and drain or without collecting tray. Optionally made of PE (up to 80 ° C), steel (galvanized) or stainless steel.
Outdoor installation: In order to minimize the effects of weather, we offer protective options for the outdoor installation of your thermal system near the coast, in wind load zone 4 and with additional rain protection through separate roof superstructures.
Built-ins: basic version are grids in every storage level. In addition, you can choose from supports for lying barrels, roller conveyors and trolley rail systems.
 Insulation using mineral wool (alternatively PUR rigid foam) meets the highest requirements for fire protection with very good insulation values. If desired, thicker insulation can be installed, which significantly reduces the U-value.
Safety technology: We offer you many possibilities to protect your employees: semi-stationary fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, leakage sensors, signal transmission, etc.
Monitor your system e.g. through acoustic and visual warning systems. Direct data evaluation and signal transfer to control systems are also possible. Optionally we equip your system with access controls.
Goal execution: The goal has a great influence on the loading and unloading processes. Therefore choose between swing gates or roller shutters (with automatic opening on request).
Door brackets: Especially outside, precautions should be taken to prevent the swing doors from closing on their own. We offer magnets, electro-magnetic door keeping, storm hooks and door damper.
Door lock: The swing doors of the heating systems are equipped with rotary bolt locks. Alternatively, we offer you an additional unlocking from inside.

Tailored Service Options

We understand our job is not just to put an approved heated container on your premises. Our service also includes consulting, development, engineering as well as logistics and maintenance - all from a single source. Our team of experts will gladly take over all measures - from the consultation and creation of the optimal concept for you to the turnkey handover and subsequent maintenance.

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