Containment Shelving

When storing hazardous materials and flammable liquids a spill pallet must be used that has a sufficient volume according to current regulations to catch and leaks or spills. Our shelf trays allow you to upgrade existing shelf systems to ensure legal compliance and the safe storage of hazardous materials.

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Containment Racking for Retrofitting

Companies in the engineering, automotive and pharmaceutical industries may have several reasons for choosing to retrofit their facility. In many cases, the additional space can help to improve performance and increase production. Additionally, operations managers often find that retrofitting is cheaper than replacing the existing shelving and far less time-consuming.

DENIOS UK can provide shelving for warehouses, stockrooms and shop floors, extending the life of your current equipment and future-proofing your storage provision. With the right planning, you can retrofit our units very quickly during the evening or over a weekend with minimal impact on your overall productivity.

Containment shelving from DENIOS UK

Our sump pallets, racking, spill trays and accessories enable your site to maintain work safety when keeping hazardous materials. They are designed to meet all PPG 26 regulations and will help to ensure your operation stays compliant when it comes to the difficult task of storing flammable (or otherwise dangerous) materials and liquids. Choose from steel or polythene units depending on your requirements, along with grids to offer resistance against corrosive chemicals.

What are containment shelving spill trays?

When you need shelving that can safely hold aggressive chemicals but your current pallet racking is not appropriate, an add-on like our Pallet Racking Sump KRW 27.11 Polyethylene Steel Grid For 2700mm Shelf Width, 205 Litre Capacity is a great solution. Produced in eco-friendly polyethylene, it converts normal shelves into safe and compliant hazmat stores. The spill pallet has a depth of 900mm and the rack is placed over crossed beams for extra security. The grid is galvanised for extra strength and provides a high level of resistance to alkalis or acids. If any of your bottles do happen to leak, any spill will be adequately contained within the sump tray and will not present an environmental hazard by dripping onto the floor.

Alternatively, if your warehouse has standalone sump pallets which are being used to store IBCs or drums, our Sump pallet classic-line is ideal. It includes a base spill pallet which sits beneath your setup and collects any spills before they spread. These are constructed from sturdy welded steel and tested to comply with EN ISO 3452-1, for which a certificate is provided. We’ve included a clearance of 100mm between the floor and the base, so you can move the unit with a forklift when you need it transported elsewhere. Use our IBC Sump Liner in Polyethylene, which is available as an accessory, if you need acid-resistant protection.