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Combined Ash Trays/Bin Units

When deciding how to collect waste within the workplace, considering environmental protection policies and guidance on where and how employees dispose of rubbish is as important a consideration as, for example, how to collect waste oil or used batteries. Although there is no legislation covering whether employers have to provide smoking areas for workers, many do, and those that do have to decide what kind of ash tray to provide, and whether to combine that with a bin unit. DENIOS offers a range of combined ash trays and bin units to suit any place of work. Models constructed of stainless or galvanised steel are available for volumes up to 75 litres, and are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, depending on its specification. Additional combined ash trays/bin unit features include weather protection hoods or removable ash trays.

Ash trays

When deciding on individual ash trays or combined ash trays/bin units, consideration needs to be taken as to where to place them and the size of the opening, as it should be narrow enough to discourage people from placing other substances, such as paper and chewing gum, in them. The range of DENIOS ash trays include a wall-mounted self-extinguishing model, a pedestal ashtray or a safety ashtray available in stainless steel, plastic of aluminium.

Safe disposal of waste

Every business produces all sorts of waste materials, and their safe disposal is monitored by health and safety requirements to ensure safety in the workplace. Hazardous materials could be involved, such as oxidising substances or flammable items, which if placed together could lead to an explosive atmosphere. How the waste will be collected by a contractor is also something that needs to be considered when buying waste collection items. DENIOS has a range of products to help with the safe collection and disposal of a variety of waste, including recycling separating bins for selective refuse collection (these comprise between one and six containers) and wheelie bins in varied sizes up to a capacity of 40 litres.

Recycling waste

A large proportion of waste is considered to be recyclable and therefore redistributed into the economic cycle. It is possible to recycle cigarette butts and associated smokers’ waste into plastic products such as delivery pallets, with remaining tobacco or paper being sent to be composted. Whether your company does this or not, segregating non-recyclable and recyclable products is important when they are disposed of within the company. Rules to be adhered to regarding this differ depending on the individual company and what it does. DENIOS offers many solutions to suit every eventuality, including sorting modules.

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