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Bin Tippers

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Take advantage of DENIOS refuse bin dump trucks for the easy emptying of refuse containers. The dump trucks are used as a practical forklift truck for the loading and unloading of 80, 120, 140 or 240 litre garbage cans or are used as a separate refuse bin with rollers.

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Waste Disposal Solutions

Every business has to dispose of waste of some kind, and ensuring that it is done correctly is extremely important in delivering the environmental protection elements of work safety. Its collection, whether it be hazardous or recyclable, has to be dealt with according to health and safety requirements, and DENIOS has a wide range of recycling and waste collection bins, including wheelie bins and recycling separation bins.

DENIOS bin tippers

Full bins can be very heavy, and in order to safely empty them, DENIOS has a waste bin tipper or refuse bin dump truck to enable the easy handling of refuse containers. These are used in the same way as a practical forklift truck for unloading 80, 120, 140 and 240-litre refuse bins, or can be used as a separate bin with rollers. Also available is a stainless-steel dump trailer as a mobile truck version so that bins can be picked up safely and emptied easily.

Recyclable waste

A high proportion of waste material is considered to be recyclable, and there are safety aspects to be considered in the disposal of hazardous materials. For example, if a substance is flammable, or can oxidize, and needs to be segregated to ensure workplace safety, then it needs to be done in a specific way. This means that even the types of bins being used are crucial to every industry and that any wheelie bin tipper, container tipper or large bin tipper needs to be chosen well, as does how the waste will be collected. DENIOS has a range of products that will suit every requirement – for example, outdoor waste collection systems have the same requirements as those indoors but will normally need to be more durable to compensate for the extra demands made by the environment.

Refuse storage

As well as bin tippers, DENIOS offers a variety of storage options for waste. Our paper refuse sacks and sack holders range in size from 70 to 120 litres and are perfect for handling waste on a daily basis. Stable and robust, they can also be used for collecting heavy and sharp waste. We also have polythene bags between 70 to 120 litres. Bio-compostable bags are perfect as green waste containers and come in four sizes ranging from 16 to 60 litres. Used batteries and fluorescent light tubes should always be disposed of in designated containers, which can be found on the DENIOS website.

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