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Whether you require a safety ashtray, a wall mounted self-extinguishing ashtray or a pedestal ashtray you can select from DENIOS' extensive range. Available in aluminum, stainless steel or plastic.

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Safety in hazardous areas

At DENIOS you will find a product range covering all aspects of explosion protection that offers olutions for all your needs. This includes over 2,000 articles for use in Ex areas, with which you can cover all 3 levels of explosion protection measures. Here's an overview!

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Product World

Safely storing and dispensing disinfectants and sanitisers

The majority of disinfectants are flammable liquids due to their ingredients. These must be stored in accordance with fire protection regulations and to ensure water protection. DENIOS offers the right solutions - so that your company's infection control concept is also on the safe side in terms of hazardous substances legislation.

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EN 14470-1: This is what it says - this is what your safety cabinet does

Anyone who chooses a safety cabinet with fire protection from the DENIOS range can be sure that it has been type-tested in accordance with EN 14470-1. But what exactly does EN 14470-1 say and what load tests must a hazardous materials cabinet pass? We have summarised it for you!

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Responding correctly in an emergency - Our Academy instructor shows how to

Tobias Authmann has a degree in biology and has been working for the DENIOS Academy for many years as a specialist for hazardous substance storage and occupational safety. In his practical training course "Leakage Emergency Training", he imparts the necessary know-how for avoiding and combating hazardous substance leaks. We talked to him about his experiences.

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Disposal of Waste Material

Work safety covers a wide range of issues, from dealing with hazardous chemicals to disposing of all kinds of materials, including cigarettes. Issues that need to be considered include where the material will be stored, how it is accessed, and how it will be collected or disposed of. DENIOS solutions include both indoor and outdoor waste collection systems, which have different working environments and factors and demand different degrees of durability. When you decide which ash trays are suitable for your working environment, these are the factors that need to be taken into consideration.

DENIOS ash trays

Ash trays are available from DENIOS for both indoor and outdoor use, including pedestal ashtrays, table ashtrays and cigarette bins. You can choose from silica sand or self-extinguishing designs. The decision on what to buy is important in the environmental protection of your workplace.

Outdoor bins

Smoking areas in the workplace need to be stationed away from the main work area, and you can choose the style that best suits your environment. Factors that need to be taken into account include the size of the opening, to discourage people from dropping in waste items other than cigarette butts as this may cause a fire hazard; how the bins will be cleaned; and the way in which they will be emptied.

Range of ashtrays

DENIOS offers many options regarding ashtrays. For example, safety ashtrays include the table-top ashtray, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; self-extinguishing ashtrays, which can be wall mounted; and an ashtray with a hood.

Industrial cleaning and waste disposal

Cigarette bins are just one of the items covered within the DENIOS Industrial Cleaning and Waste Disposal range. Much waste material is now considered to be recyclable and can be redistributed back into the economic cycle, but there are still safety aspects to be considered regarding what can be done and what equipment can be used. You can be sure that when you buy a waste disposal product from DENIOS, including ash trays, you will get the best product from the world’s leading supplier of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety.

Ashtrays for Industrial Use Outdoors

Cigarette butts in front of the company entrance not only do not make a good first impression, but can also pose a security risk. Carelessly discarded cigarette butts contaminate the groundwater, are not biodegradable and can cause fires especially in dry weather.

Ashtrays do not necessarily disturb the appearance. Modern designs and materials adapt to the design of the smoking area and fit seamlessly into the environment. In addition, our ashtrays are available in different colors. Depending on the location and opportunity, you can use a ashtray, a wall ashtray or a table ashtray. These can be made of plastic, sheet steel or stainless steel.

Ashtrays can be set up freely and anchored in the ground against theft. Especially with frequent changes of location and large amounts of ashes, such as at events or major events, ashtrays are a practical option. Wall ashtrays are fixed to the wall with a few handles and are particularly space-saving. In addition, they are hardly noticeable and can not be easily stolen due to their anchorage on the wall. Both options are mainly used outdoors.

The classic table ashtrays are particularly suitable for small amounts of ash and can be quickly distributed and collected again. Tabletop ashtrays are particularly often used indoors. Self-extinguishing safety ashtrays also prevent accidental ignition and reduce the risk of fire. The cigarette is stifled due to the lack of oxygen directly after throwing and falls into the hot-dip galvanized inner bucket.

Self extinguishing ash trays

Removable inner pails and containers facilitate emptying and cleaning of the ashtrays. Lockable ashtrays additionally counteract vandalism or unintentional opening.

Cigarette butts and ashes contain many harmful substances and should therefore only be disposed of as residual waste. Whether in front of the entrances or designated smoking areas, our ashtrays ensure a clean company premises and protect the environment.

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