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Your expert for the safe handling of lithium batteries

Store lithium batteries safely

Proper storage of lithium batteries ensures operational safety and insurance protection. Our shelf storage, walk-in storage and storage cabinets offer fire protection from both inside and outside, as well as fire detection and extinguishing technology to safely store batteries of any size and quantity.

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Charge lithium batteries properly

Charging lithium batteries increases the risk of thermal runaway. Our charging cabinets and charging rooms are equipped with smart sensors that enable monitored charging and trigger alarms and activate fire suppression systems in case of emergency.

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Correct handling for defective lithium batteries

If lithium batteries are damaged, they have a high potential for danger. They should be separated immediately and stored safely until proper disposal. Our high-quality quarantine boxes offer protection in the event of a thermal runaway.

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Transport lithium batteries in compliance with the law

Lithium batteries are subject to dangerous goods regulations during transport. Depending on the condition of the battery, stringent requirements apply to the packaging. We offer approved transport boxes for prototypes, undamaged, damaged, defective or critically defective batteries.

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Test lithium batteries professionally and safely

Before newly developed lithium batteries, or products powered by them, receive a market release, they must be extensively tested by the manufacturer. We develop professional test rooms for lithium batteries according to your individual specifications.

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Benefit from our expertise

Expertise and advice on lithium-ion batteries

We aim to make handling of lithium-ion batteries even safer. We do this by sharing our expertise.

Storing lithium-ion batteries safely

Storing lithium-ion batteries safely

Whether you are storing small quantities with lower power, or more powerful lithium-ion batteries in larger quantities, you must ensure that your insurance cover is guaranteed and that employees, your premises and the environment remain protected. You also need to ensure that stored lithium batteries are not damaged by improper storage. Our systems have structural fire protection from both the inside and outside, as well as additional equipment for plant fire protection to store lithium-ion batteries safely and in compliance with the law for every application.

Storage rooms for lithium-ion batteries

With the walk-in fire protection store WFP Li-Ion, we have developed a comfortable room system that is designed as a hand store for smaller module sizes or electrical devices, as an analysis laboratory or as an intermediate store for shipping or for defective lithium-ion batteries. It offers almost limitless possibilities for space utilization and storage, optionally with 1-leaf or 2-leaf doors, then with closing sequence control for reliable closing. Thanks to 90 minutes of fire protection on both sides and fire protection approval, you can integrate the WFP Li-Ion directly into your infrastructure without having to maintain safety distances - inside or outside buildings. This also applies to the RFP LI-Ion storage system, the first choice when larger quantities or larger-sized lithium batteries have to be accommodated. Thanks to an integrated heavy-duty shelf with adjustable storage levels, the interior space can be used optimally and lithium-ion batteries can be stored individually, in boxes, on pallets or special racks. The shelves consist of hot-dip galvanised, removable gratings. The 2-leaf doors enable convenient access and facilitate stock loading and unloading. The RFP 115 Li-Ion is our compact variant for the safe and space-saving storage of lithium batteries close to production. The RFP SD Li-Ion has large sliding gates for maximum storage capacity. Based on your risk assessment, DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of equipment for all room systems, such as state-of-the-art fire alarm and extinguishing technology for even more security.

Storage cabinets for lithium-ion batteries

For the passive storage of small quantities of lithium batteries with low to medium power, we have developed the SafeStore safety cabinets. They offer 90 minutes of fire protection from the inside and outside. The SafeStore-Pro model also has an integrated 3-stage warning/fire suppression system. This immediately detects if there is a fire in the cabinet and triggers automatically. The remote signalling module is an optional extra which you can also send an alarm via the mobile phone network to up to 5 freely programmable recipients. Emergency measures can thus be implemented promptly and employees evacuated. The lithium-ion cabinets are equipped with a transport base as standard. This enables quick transport to a safe location outside the building and helps prevent further damage to buildings and people.

Charging lithium batteries properly

Special care must be taken when charging lithium-ion batteries, as there is an increased risk of thermal runaway. In particular, if defective batteries are exposed to a charging voltage or are not charged properly. For this reason, charging must always be monitored, also for insurance protection. In the fire-protected SmartStore charging cabinets and WFP Li-Ion charging rooms, the integrated condition monitoring with high-quality sensors and control technology takes over this task. In an emergency, an alarm is triggered, forwarded to the building management system and extinguishing or fire suppression systems are activated.

Charging cabinets for lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion charging cabinets from the SmartStore series are the safe and ideal solution for charging equipment and tool batteries in everyday use. All cabinet models are equipped with integrated earthed sockets for connecting chargers. Depending on the model, SmartStore charging cabinets have technical ventilation to prevent heat build-up inside the cabinet. In the range, you will find lithium-ion charging cabinets in various tried-and-tested dimensions: from larger versions with up to 60 slots, to compact variants, to the space-saving under-bench cabinet. Models with a locker system for separate charging of lithium-ion batteries protected from unauthorised access are also available. What distinguishes all lithium-ion charging cabinets is the 90-minute fire protection from the both the outside and the inside. Depending on the model, the integrated 3-stage warning/fire suppression system offers even more safety when charging lithium-ion batteries. The intelligent sensor system with smoke detector and temperature sensor sounds an alarm in the event of smoke development, which is forwarded to the building management system via the potential-free contact. A remote signalling module is an optional extra, you can use it to send an alarm via the mobile phone network to up to 5 freely programmable receivers. In models with an integrated aerosol fire suppression system, this is automatically triggered when the critical indoor temperature is exceeded and provides valuable time for emergency and evacuation measures.

Walk-in containers for lithium-ion batteries

The WFP Li-Ion walk-in fire protection storage system offers limitless possibilities for space utilisation thanks to the extensive DENIOS equipment programme. It comes with certified fire protection from both the inside and outside for up to 90 minutes. If larger quantities of lithium-ion batteries are to be charged, simultaneous charging processes must not lead to a mains overload. This is where the intelligent charging management comes into play: the WFP LI-ION can be equipped with state-of-the-art control technology that initiates a smart distribution of energy flows based on available power capacities. The sensor technology also continuously records a wide range of parameters, such as temperature control. The option to add technical ventilation to the storage container prevents heat build-up that can occur when charging lithium batteries. In an emergency, alarms can be triggered automatically and locking or extinguishing systems activated. If shelves are installed, we recommend using aerosol extinguishing technology, as this best distributes the extinguishing agent over the storage levels.

Handling defective lithium-ion batteries correctly

Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged by a wide variety of events and external influences. For example, through mechanical damage, improper storage or faulty charging. The problem: defective lithium batteries harbour an extremely high risk potential. In particular, the risk of ""thermal runaway"", an unstoppable chain reaction leading to fire or bursting, is high with defective lithium-ion batteries. To protect your employees, production facilities and the environment in the event of a reaction, defective lithium-ion batteries must be separated immediately and stored safely until they can be disposed of properly. The DENIOS range offers the following solutions in these instances:

Quarantine boxes for damaged lithium-ion batteries

DENIOS offers professional storage and transport boxes that can be used as quarantine containers for defective lithium-ion batteries. The special containers are made of plastic, aluminium, steel or stainless steel and are available in various sizes. Special dimensions are also available on request. Different fire protection agents are used as filling material. For example, PyroBubbles®, an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid flammable substances that has been positively tested by the MPA Dresden according to DIN EN 3-7, as loose granulate or in practical PE cushion form. Depending on the risk assessment, performance and condition of the stored lithium-ion batteries, our quarantine boxes offer application-specific safety standards as well as safe protection against exothermic reactions up to 100% control of a possible thermal runaway. Practical: Many of the boxes are also suitable for subsequent transport and have the corresponding transport approvals for defective/damaged or critically defective lithium batteries. Use our practical lithium box selection guide to determine the optimal product for your needs.

Transporting lithium-ion batteries in compliance with the law

Lithium batteries are assigned to UN numbers 3090/3091 (lithium metal batteries) and UN 3480/3481 (lithium ion batteries) as Class 9 dangerous goods. This means that lithium batteries are subject to dangerous goods regulations during transport and special requirements must be met for transport packaging. In general, transport packaging with UN approval must be used when transporting lithium-ion batteries by road, rail, ship or air. Depending on the condition of the lithium batteries, the transport box must also have a suitable design approval and fulfil certain packaging instructions according to ADR. DENIOS provides you with transport solutions in compliance with these requirements.

Transport boxes for lithium-ion batteries

Whether prototype, small series, undamaged, damaged, defective, critically defective or lithium batteries destined for recycling: The DENIOS range offers a suitable and approved transport solution for every requirement. Our high-quality transport boxes for lithium-ion batteries are made of plastic, aluminium, steel or stainless steel and are available in various sizes, including special dimensions on request. Safe and legally compliant transport of lithium batteries is ensured in combination with the appropriate filling material. Depending on the model, different fire protection agents are used as filling material. For example PyroBubbles®, an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid flammable substances that has been positively tested by the MPA Dresden according to DIN EN 3-7. The expanded glass granulate is filled into the lithium-ion transport box or inserted in the form of practical PE filling cushions. Other models work with a padding of fireproof absorbent material made of textured glass fibres, with which the lithium-ion batteries are safely enclosed. Use our practical lithium box selection guide to determine the optimal product for your needs.

Professional testing of lithium-ion batteries

Before newly developed lithium batteries or products powered by them, such as household appliances, tools or electric vehicles, receive a market release, they must be extensively tested. The planning of a safe test environment must take many customer-specific aspects into account. DENIOS develops lithium test rooms almost exclusively according to your customised specifications. You benefit from cost-effective series production, individual design and the know-how of the fire protection expert.

Test rooms for lithium-ion batteries

DENIOS aims to build rooms that perfectly meet your requirements and offer the highest level of safety - especially when testing lithium energy storage devices. It all starts with a personal consultation and the analysis of your individual requirements. Our engineers will then work with you to develop the optimal concept based on various aspects such as space requirements, location (indoor or outdoor), equipment and safety devices. A broad team of specialists then develops a tailor-made solution according to your specifications: holistically and competently. "Made by DENIOS" stands for the highest quality from a single source.

The main function of a test room is the simulation of stress situations. This simulation of stressful situations for lithium energy storage requires process-dependent functionalities from the test environment. With individual equipment options, test rooms from DENIOS offer the possibility of simulating or supporting different load scenarios within the room.

The variety of equipment from DENIOS makes it possible to build lithium test rooms precisely according to your specifications. An example of this is the new equipment option for our test rooms. We offer temperature test chambers with an adjustable temperature range from -40°C to +110°C. This means that extended test options are now available to you in an even larger temperature range.

The DENIOS service for you: We will provide you with a turnkey system, of course we will also take care of the connection, complete it with your equipment or make our premises available to you for your own interior design.

Expertise on the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries

We consider it important to share knowledge and expertise. By doing so we can make the handling of lithium batteries even safer. You can find many helpful resources on our website. Download useful information material, read our free guides in the DENIOS magazine, meet us at current industry events or take advantage of the opportunity for individual advice from our team of experts.


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