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Spill kits

Spill kits are collections of equipment and materials employed for the swift clean up of potentially dangerous spills, such as chemicals or oils. These kits encompass protective attire, containers, and tools designed for the secure management and disposal of spilled substances.

Portable spill kits

Portable spillage control systems and sets offer a convenient and mobile solution for larger spills. These kits predominantly comprise absorbents, tools, and frequently larger containers for the efficient clean up of significant spills. The lightweight design offers mobility and convenience, allowing responders to swiftly transport the necessary materials to the spill site, making them valuable assets in environments with potential for substantial spills. Have a look at this brief product overview to learn more about what DENIOS has to offer:

Mobile spill kits

Mobile spillage control sets are compact and portable, designed for quick response to spilled liquids on the go. These kits are equipped with items such as absorbents, gloves, and bags to promptly remove potentially hazardous items. Ideal for labs and workshops, they ensure a swift and effective response to minimize potential risks. Please take a moment to explore our product range with this comprehensive overview:

Stationary spill kits

Stationary leakage control systems are strategically placed in fixed locations within industrial settings to swiftly address spillages. These kits are mostly stocked with absorbents, personal protective gear, and waste removal supplies, and are intended to be readily available resources. By having them in key areas, such as production floors or storage spaces, workplaces enhance their leakage response capabilities and maintain safety standards. Here's a concise overview of our product range, showcasing our variety and quality:

Spill kit refill

Refill kits for spill kits are a cost-effective way to replenish essential components after a spill response. These sets typically comprise replacements for consumables utilized during the clean up process. By keeping refill sets on hand, organizations ensure that their spill kits are always ready for action, maintaining their ability to effectively manage spill incidents. You will find an overview of our diverse DENIOS products below:

Spill kits

Our range of spill kits offers versatile solutions tailored to various spill scenarios. Whether you're dealing with chemical spills, oil-related incidents, or require a universal spill kit that can address a wide spectrum of substances, we have a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs!

More information on spill kits


Mobile absorbent emergency kits: Tackle hazardous substance leaks quickly wherever they occur.

DENSORB® offers speed and flexibility when responding to emergency spills. These emergency response kits are designed to quickly and safely mop up and contain spills. They can be taken directly to the spill site and used at individual workstations, around machinery or service vehicles.

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Leakage management during machine maintenance and repair

Absorbent fleeces specially developed for the maintenance sector ensure more safety, cleanliness and time savings during repair and maintenance work. Find out more about potential hazards and suitable solutions in our practical guide.

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The 7 biggest mistakes when emptying spill pallets

It is not uncommon for liquids to leak and this can happen at any time. But what then? How does the liquid get out of the tray? This is not as trivial as it sounds: when emptying drip pans, serious mistakes can happen. Here you can find out what you should never do under any circumstances - and how to do it correctly.

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When every second counts: Oil spills on the water

Time and again we hear about oil spills on the water. In the general public, it is mainly the very large catastrophes that gain sad notoriety, but even on a supposedly small scale, oil spills can have catastrophic effects if they get into local waters. But how can companies take precautions? We answer the most important questions.

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