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Mobile emergency spill kits: Tackle hazardous substance leaks quickly wherever they occur.

Spills of hazardous substances can be safely cleaned up with an emergency spill kit from DENSORB®.

DENSORB® spill kits offer you speed and flexibility when responding to emergency spills. These emergency response kits are designed to quickly and safely mop up and contain spills. They can be taken directly to the spill site and used at individual workstations, around machinery or service vehicles.

See below to find out whether a mobile emergency kit is the right solution for you and get helpful expert tips for your spill management response.

What is a mobile emergency spill kit?

Absorbent emergency spill kits from DENSORB® contain all the important components to be able to clean up leaks and spills of hazardous substances. The are quick, safe and effective to use, the perfect spill response kit. Our spill kits include: suction snakes for effective containment and absorbent mats or granulates for absorbing the leak. As well as absorbent material, DENSORB® emergency response kits contain other practical aids such as protective goggles, protective gloves, warning labels and disposal bags for used material. Emergency spill sets are packed in an application-oriented sequence to ensure a fast and smooth process in the event of a leak.

Compared to stationary emergency kits, mobile emergency kits usually have a smaller capacity. This makes them easier to transport and move directly to the site of the spill. They are kept in compact, mobile containers or bags and are space-saving for better storage. Mobile emergency kits from DENSORB® are available in a variety of formats such as: handy carrying bags, in Euro stacking containers, folding boxes or mobile transport and rolling trolleys.

What are mobile emergency response kits suitable for?

The use of mobile emergency kits should be determined according to the risk assessment. Ask yourself the following questions: which workstations, machines and equipment are prone to leaks? How many risk areas are there? What quantities of hazardous substances can be expected there in each case in the event of a leak? And how quickly must first aid be provided in an emergency? In the following situations, mobile emergency kits offer advantages over stationary solutions:

For decentralised supply of individual workplaces, machines and systems.

If you need to ensure rapid emergency spill response at individual leak-prone areas around your work place, mobile emergency kits can be placed at various points such as key workstations or near machinery. They are compact so are good for space-saving storage. This means the absorbent agents within easy reach in emergency situations. Staff have the material directly at hand and do not have to run to a central storage area. It is also possible to stock mobile emergency kits at fixed central points. From there, they can be quickly transported to the place of use. The mobile DENSORB® emergency sets in the caddy or transport trolley are particularly suitable for this.

Wherever small containers are used.

Mobile emergency spill kits have a smaller absorption capacity compared to large stationary solutions. This makes them particularly efficient in areas where smaller leaks are to be expected. For example, where containers such as bottles, canisters or small drums are used.

In mobile use

Mobile emergency kits are ideal if you want to carry absorbents with you, e.g. on assembly jobs. They can be stored in the service vehicle or service van to save space. They can also be carried in other vehicles, e.g. in the forklift truck for warehouse work or on the truck, in simple and space-saving way.

What you need to consider when using mobile spill kits

We recommend always storing emergency absorbents separately from consumables so that they are not "plundered" in day-to-day business. Practical tip: Mobile emergency sets from DENSORB® are supplied directly in the matching storage container and can thus be easily distinguished from consumables.

To ensure that the spill kits can be found quickly in an emergency, mobile emergency kits should be placed at fixed points and clearly labelled locations on the premises. A multilingual sticker set is included in the emergency sets from DENSORB®.

The emergency material should be checked regularly for to ensure nothing is missing. For a quick and easy visual check, we have chosen a transparent container for a number of our DENSORB® emergency sets. To ensure that you can always refill used emergency material, there is a suitable refill set for almost every DENSORB® emergency set.

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