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Leakage management during machine maintenance and repair

Hazardous liquids leaking from machinery and equipment quickly become an issue during maintenance and repair work. Depending on the properties of the substance, this can be associated with considerable health risks for maintenance personnel and serious environmental damage. Absorbent fleeces specially developed for the maintenance sector ensure more safety and cleanliness during repair and maintenance work.

Hazardous liquids during maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance, servicing or repair of machinery and equipment, the issue of occupational safety plays a major role. And for good reason: maintenance work is considered one of the most dangerous activities in companies. The accident rate for employees in maintenance is about 10 to 20 times higher than for manufacturing personnel.

The high risk for maintenance personnel results from various influencing factors. One possible source of danger can be contact with hazardous substances. For example, hazardous liquids can escape from machine parts during maintenance or occur when replacing cooling lubricants and filters. But cleaning agents used during machine maintenance can also pose hazards.The high risk for maintenance personnel results from various influencing factors. One possible source of danger can be contact with hazardous substances. For example, hazardous liquids can escape from machine parts during maintenance or occur when replacing cooling lubricants and filters. But cleaning agents used during machine maintenance can also pose hazards.

If leakages and drip losses are not directly bound and cleaned up, a wide variety of potential hazards can arise depending on the substance properties: These include health hazards from skin contact, inhalation of vapours or slipping on the wet floor. In the case of flammable liquids, there may be a risk of fire or explosion, and substances hazardous to water may enter the environment and cause serious damage. If spilled hazardous substances are not removed immediately, employees can carry them into areas adjacent to the workplace and cause further spread of contamination.

To ensure more safety during maintenance and repair work, the proactive use of absorbent fleeces is recommended. The extensive DENSORB® range offers suitable special products especially for the maintenance sector, which enable safe, clean and time-saving work.

Special solutions from DENSORB® for maintenance and repair work

Absorbent fleece with impermeable PE foil as working surface

DENSORB® universal absorbents are available as fleeces with a liquid-tight PE film on the underside. The products can be used proactively, e.g. as an underlay during maintenance work. Dripping or spilled liquids are directly and safely bound in the fleece. The impermeable PE film prevents seepage onto underlying surfaces. Once the maintenance or repair work is complete, you can simply remove and dispose of the binding fleece again - the floors, workbenches or other surfaces underneath remain clean and non-slip. This is not only safe, but also saves time for subsequent cleaning work.

The strong adhesion between the fibre surface and the liquid introduced effectively prevents the absorbed liquid from dripping out. This means that there is no drip loss in other work areas when disposing of even saturated DENSORB® binding fleeces. Depending on the intended use, the binding fleeces with liquid-tight PE film are available both as mats and as rolls in different dimensions. This means that the right size of fleece can be selected depending on the area of the working area.

All-rounder for cleaning tools and machine parts

Tools and machine parts quickly become contaminated during maintenance and repair work. In order to safely remove hazardous liquids directly, DENSORB® offers practical fleece cloths that can be used to wipe tools and machine parts. The high absorbency of DENSORB® fleece cloths gives them clear advantages over conventional cleaning cloths: DENSORB® fleeces bind the absorbed liquid reliably in the fabric and thus ensure that nothing drips out and spreads further.

For maximum flexibility in use, we recommend the Varioform fleece roll: thanks to multiple longitudinal and cross perforations, the right amount of fleece can be torn off and removed for every application. DENSORB® Varioform is supplied in a practical dispenser box - the ideal companion for all kinds of maintenance and repair work!

Contain leaking liquids at defective machines

If leaks occur on a machine regularly or spontaneously due to an acute defect, escaping liquids must be stopped immediately and safely collected until the system is repaired. However, if only small amounts of drips are involved, the leakage tray does not have to be used directly. To collect dripping liquids from under pipes, lines, flanges or joints, DENSORB® offers extra-absorbent absorption pads that can be placed underneath the leaks. Ideal for large-volume leaks or also for continuous use, for example on machines that are particularly prone to leaks.

Another practical aid are the flexible DENSORB® absorbent socks: They can be laid around corners, machine bases and along walls. Escaping liquids are thus safely contained until the system is repaired and hazards are effectively contained. We recommend our particularly environmentally friendly absorbent socks and cushions with sustainable mineral fibre filling.

Very robust absorbent fleeces for maintenance work in the outdoor area

Maintenance or repair work on company vehicles often has to be carried out outdoors. Here, special attention must be paid to protecting the floor from leaking oils, fuels or other oil-based liquids. That is why DENSORB® oil absorbent fleeces of the type Outdoor Long Life were developed for this special purpose. The product is available in rolls and can thus be cut to size for the respective work area. In order to meet the special requirements of outdoor use, the absorbent fleeces are made of three different layers:

  • A tear-resistant fleece layer on the upper side ensures maximum durability and allows the fleece to be walked on and driven over.

  • A highly absorbent middle layer with a particularly high material thickness ensures that liquids are absorbed quickly.

  • A non-slip plastic layer on the underside prevents the absorbed liquids from seeping through and reliably protects the floor from entries by water-polluting substances.

You are probably familiar with the situation: a vehicle often breaks down at the most inconvenient times. For example, just when it starts to rain. No problem for the DENSORB® outdoor fleeces! Thanks to their hydrophobic design, they absorb oil and hydrocarbon-based liquids, but repel water at the same time. This means that even work in adverse weather conditions is possible. The fleece only absorbs harmful substances such as motor oil, diesel or heating oil and does not soak up rainwater. The top layer of the fleece is also UV-resistant and ensures a long service life even during permanent outdoor use.

Further products for all-round safety during maintenance and repair work

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