Stainless Steel Spill Trays

Stainless steel spill trays offer high protection when storing aggressive chemicals in drums and small containers.Compact stainless steel drip trays are ideal for storing small containers wherever they need to be used, or as a drip pan for drip losses below a work bench.

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Stainless Steel Spill Tray

The Stainless Steel Spill Tray range available at DENIOS is ideal for keeping small containers of chemicals safe so that if there is a spill or leak, the material does not go onto the floor or into the ground. The stainless steel drip trays are ideal for use in working environments such as laboratories where chemicals used have to be safely contained. The steel trays are designed to help contain very hazardous chemicals when they are stored in small drums and containers. There are a number of different sizes of trays available, so you can choose the size that fits both the containers and the workspace available.

In the workplace, employers have to be aware of the importance of health and safety and protecting staff from potential chemical spills is just one thing that needs to be considered. However, the health and safety measures that can be taken to prevent potential spills are relatively straightforward and the Stainless Steel Drip Trays are just one option available to you.

Advantages of using stainless steel spill trays

Even when working with chemicals in a small workspace, there is a spill tray solution available to you. These trays can be used as a drip tray under a workbench or under a piece of equipment to minimise the possibility that chemicals could spill out onto the work surface. The trays are a very simple design and a very simple piece of equipment but can help you to meet your obligations with the latest health and safety regulations. By containing spills and preventing them from reaching the floor and the work surface, you are helping to keep your staff safe from possible injury. In addition, they are then very easy to clean up and the trays are re-usable as they are designed to last for many years. They are resistant to corrosion, so it is unlikely that any chemical that you spill on the tray itself will cause any damage.

The DENIOS range

With so many Stainless Steel Spill Tray types available to you, such as the Spill tray for small containers WP 5, st steel, no grid, cont vol 5 litres, via DENIOS UK it is worth considering the advantages of each one. DENIOS UK offers a variety of different spill trays and pallets to make your chemical storage and use more secure.

The Spill Tray KBE 9050 is another useful option. This stainless steel tray has a 40-litre capacity. The tray has been designed with the health and safety regulations and legislation of a number of countries in mind. This tray can be used to store flammable substances and a variety of chemicals that could be polluting in water. The tray offers long-term rust and corrosion protection and there is a grid cover that can be fitted to create a storage surface.

Another alternative is the Spill Tray KBE 1230, which also has a 40-litre capacity. It meets all the same health and safety legislation as with the 9050 option and has the same anti-corrosion qualities. This is a compact tray, making it ideal for small work areas. This tray also comes with the option of a grid cover. The grid cover is also made from stainless steel.

For smaller containers, the Spill Tray WP5 is ideal. This tray is designed for use where the containers are to be used. The container can be placed in the tray and kept safely where it needs to be. As with the other trays, it comes with the relevant certification to show that it meets local health and safety requirements. However, this tray also has the added advantage of PE feet. This raises the tray a little from the work surface, creating a gap underneath the tray. This can make it easier to lift and move if needed but also puts some distance between the tray and the work surface, providing additional protection. This type of tray can be stacked to save space.

Our service

As with all DENIOS UK products, the Stainless Steel Spill Tray range comes with a warranty of up to four years. Check with a member of our team to find out which warranty applies to the tray that you are considering purchasing. We also have a 30-day returns policy and offer free delivery on some orders. Our team will also be happy to assist if you are unsure which of the stainless steel drip trays you need. They will ask you more about the type of chemicals you are using and will help you to determine which tray will be the most suitable.