Stainless Steel Spill Pallets 

Stainless steel spill pallets offer high protection for when storing aggressive chemicals. Integrated forklift truck pockets allow the sump pallets to be easily transported.

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Stainless Steel Spill Pallets

When you are storing any type of dangerous chemical the use of stainless steel bunded pallets like the Spill pallet 4P2-I-l in stainless steel, with forklift pockets and galv grid, for 4x205 litre drums is the best way forward. Your containers will sit on these pallets, and if there are any spills, they can be contained and kept away from the ground making it far easier to clean up. Stainless Steel Spill Pallets are designed to be resistant to any type of corrosion, so if the hazardous material does leak onto the metal, it will not cause damage, allowing the unit to be used again. It is important to remember that there are health and safety regulations and legislation linked to the use of hazardous chemicals and the added protection gained from the use of a Stainless Steel Spill Pallet can help you comply with the regulations.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Spill Pallets

The use of a Stainless Steel Spill Pallet is ideal if you are using large IBCs to store chemicals. The pallet raises it off the ground, making it easier if any of the product needs to be decanted into smaller containers. The containment of any spills makes it so much easier to clean up. It prevents any chemicals from contaminating the ground or nearby waterways.

Workplaces that have containers of chemicals sitting flush on the floor are taking a risk if there is a spill and the spill pallets can raise up the container and provide a safe place for any spill or leak to drain into. It makes it much safer for any staff member to clean up. Any member of staff can be easily taught to work with the range of spill pallets and the use of the Stainless Steel Spill Pallet is a constant reminder that the substance within the container is hazardous.

The DENIOS UK range

The range of stainless steel sump pallets includes the Sump Pallet TCI-F. This is designed to hold two IBCs and is designed to meet the health and safety specifications in a number of countries. The pallet is designed to hold containers of flammable liquid and comes with a factory test certificate that certifies the sealing. The corrosion protection on this product is designed to be long-term and there are forklift pockets that will make it easy to move around. The grid is removable but provides a stable standing surface.

Alternatively, there is the Spill Pallet 4P2-I-I. This is made from stainless steel and has been designed to hold four of the 205 litre drums. Again, this product comes with the relevant certifications to ensure that it complies with regulations in a variety of countries including meeting standards on water resistance. It is designed with forklift pockets for easy movement and it has a ground clearance of 100mm.

There are also units that are designed to hold two IBCs. These are large, strong units and as with the others, come with the relevant safety features and certifications to ensure that they are compliant with the health and safety regulations in a number of countries. Some of the units are designed with welded stainless steel 1.4301 but can be ordered in 1.4571 if preferred. To find out more about this option speak to a member of the DENIOS UK team.

DENIOS UK also offers stainless steel bunds and sumps as needed, all of which are compliant with regulations. The range of pallets come in a variety of sizes, from small pallets that hold small containers to the larger ones that can hold more than one IBC, so no matter the volume of chemical substance you need to store, DENIOS UK has a spill pallet solution for you.