Base Cabinets 

Lacquers, release agents, lubricants, spraying oils or even chemicals are readily available in direct access to the workbench or the laboratory table. Since they are often inflammable media, they must be placed in a safety cabinet, which protects the user against fire and explosions. Since there is not always enough room for a large bunk bed, underbases are a practical and safe solution.

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Base Cabinets

Considered the heavy lifter of cabinets, our base cabinets provide storage space for multiple items or bulkier materials. This product ensures that any hazardous goods can be stored safely in an area where people are working. The pull-out shelving can be used to house chemicals like oils, sprays or lubricants and gives your team members easy access to what they need.

When your facility uses hazardous goods in its production processes, you are required to keep these stored in specially-designed cabinets. Our underbench cabinets will promote work safety by protecting people from harmful emissions or fires. They are simple to put in place beneath a standard workbench or table and conform to all the relevant health and safety standards.

In order to meet the demands of the industry, DENIOS UK has brought together a wide range of sturdy base cabinets with many unique features. They come in various sizes to suit your particular needs.

Hazardous materials base cabinet

In order to store potentially flammable liquids close to where staff are using them, you’ll need a fire-rated unit like our Hazardous Materials Cabinet GU 111 Grey F30. It is a legal requirement that hazmat workplaces maintain an appropriate environment for solvents, paints, acids and more. This cabinet is fitted with a cylinder lock to control the method of entry and restrict access to authorised personnel only. Any of the internal containers can be accessed in moments will close immediately in the event of a fire.

Fire resistant underbench cabinet

Our fire-resistant units are designed for industrial or laboratory use. They can be installed underneath benches and tables or next to a workstation where flammable liquids are in use. Designed to meet the European safety standard EN 14470-1, our Fire-resistant Underbench Cabinet Grey GU60-1 Height 800 mm is equipped with lockable doors and an air extraction connection, so fumes will not build up inside and present a risk to employees. Delivering a high standard of quality to our clients is at the heart of what we do, so every cabinet is thoroughly tested to provide at least 50,000 open and close actions.

Fire retardant underbench storage cabinet

Our fire-retardant range of units provides safe storage of flammable chemicals like alcohols, fuels, thinners and paints. Place one near any workstation to minimise the risk of these volatile materials igniting or contributing to a fire on your site. Supplying up to 90 minutes of fire protection, our Fire Retardant Base Cabinet Type GU-110 Grey is suitable for the storage of H224-226 flammable liquids. Featuring an easily secured cylinder lock on the outside and a welded watertight spill pallet inside, this cabinet won’t leak or drip. The slide-out tray makes accessing materials simple, and in the event of fire it will automatically close.