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Thread Adaptors

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Good work safety practice requires the safe handling of chemicals and other hazardous substances if these are used on your premises. Safe handling is often complicated by the need to transfer these substances to different drums, canisters, pumps and taps, each one often with a different type of thread. Thread adapters allow these different threads to be connected safely, proving to be a valuable tool in the safe handling of hazardous substances.

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Thread Adapters from DENIOS

Why use thread adapters?

The leak of any substance during transfer is a nuisance, resulting in stained or damaged clothing or premises. If the substance is a hazardous one, there may be an additional risk of serious injuries, including chemical burns and respiratory problems, and it is the responsibility of employers to take effective steps to reduce the risk of this happening. Thread adapters are a simple, cost-effective method of ensuring hazardous substances can be transferred easily, without spillage.

The range at DENIOS UK

With so many different pumps, pipes and canisters available, there needs to be a large range of screw adapters to accommodate them all. Fortunately, that is exactly what DENIOS UK provides! Within the range, you will find thread adapters in many different sizes and designed for different fittings. The range includes a special thread adapter designed for a 1 ¼” hose and a thread adapter 2" fine to trisure coarse. For those requiring a number of thread adapters it is more convenient as well as more cost effective to buy a thread adapter set.

Knowledge of thread adapters, filling aids and accessories

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