Dispensing Containers and Measuring Jugs

For transferring, filling and dispensing liquids effectively, DENIOS UK has a wide range of transfer containers, dispensing containers and measuring containers including oil cans, decanting containers and measuring jugs.

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Measuring jugs

DENIOS UK offers a wide section of measuring jugs for safely transporting and filling liquids. We offer a choice of polypropylene measuring containers with an imprinted scale ranging in capacity from 0.25 litres to five litres. For your convenience the 0.25-litre, 0.5 litre and one-litre measuring jugs come in packs of ten, while the three-litre and five-litre jugs are available in packs of five.

We also offer polypropylene measuring jugs with a lid to prevent dust from entering the jugs. These jugs are available with a capacity of one and two litres. Both versions come with a screw-off spout, a handle and an imprinted measuring scale.

For harsh industrial and workshop use, we supply a wide selection of tin-plate measuring jugs, with capacities ranging from 0.5 litres to two litres. All capacities feature a stiff, funnel-shaped outlet pipe and a handle, while the one- and two-litre measuring jugs also come in a version that features a flexible spout.

Dispensing containers

We stock a broad selection of dispensing containers suitable for use with a variety of chemicals. Our dispensing containers range in size from one litre to ten litres and are manufactured from polyethene or galvanised steel depending on their intended use.

Oil cans and oilers

DENIOS UK offers a choice of oil cans for safely and easily transporting oils. Depending on your operational requirements, the size of the oil can that you need will vary. Fortunately, we stock a range of oil cans in sizes from three litres to 15 litres, which are manufactured from tin plate or steel plate. All versions feature an ergonomic design, with a spout and two convenient handles.

We also offer a broad selection of oilers with capacities ranging from 200ml to 500ml to meet the needs of your applications. Our oilers have a die-cast zinc body with an aluminium oiling tube. They feature an ergonomic design with a pump-action handle and a suction tube with a ball bearing to ensure nearly complete emptying.