Hearing Protection

Hearing protection

Included in our full line of personal protective equipment, DENIOS UK offers a fantastic selection of hearing protection products.

DENIOS UK offers a wide variety of hearing protection merchandises to cater to the incredibly diverse needs of those exposed to the dangers of harmful noise, and who want to preserve their hearing.

Hearing protection is an essential element of user protection when workers frequently experience noise exposure. DENIOS UK offers several different earplug solutions. Earplugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. You can utilise simple earplugs if you are recurrently working in an environment in which noise is present, and you can choose between either disposable or reusable earplugs. For maximum convenience, some of the earplugs in our range are connected by a string that facilitates easy removal without worrying about losing or misplacing them.

Due to their robust insulating power, the earplugs offered by DENIOS UK meet the requirements of European Directive 2003/10 / EC regarding the minimum health and safety requirements with reference to the exposure of employees to the risks arising from noise. 

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Ear Plugs

We offer a wide selection of earplugs available to mitigate the effects of noise in the workplace. The SNR (dB) of the earplugs ranges from 22 dB to 37 dB, and all earplugs comply with EN 352. We offer individual earplug sets with cords to help mitigate against loss, individual earplug sets with head brackets and earplugs without cords in 200-pair bags. Our earplugs provide a high level of user comfort and are ideal for wearing with other personal safety equipment. They are manufactured from foam and provide both excellent protection from noise and first-rate sound absorption.

Ear protection dispenser

DENIOS UK offers a convenient ear protection dispenser to make earplugs readily available in the workplace. You can easily mount the dispenser on a wall, and its transparent design makes it easy to check the level and see when it needs refilling. The dispenser comes with a collection tray, and its one-hand operation makes it simple for your employees to dispense earplugs when needed. The dispenser comes filled with 400 pairs of Bilsom 303-L earplugs, which offer protection from noise. The earplug’s special bell shape ensures easy handling and a secure fit, and the SOFT PU foam provides maximum user comfort as it reduces the feeling of pressure in the ears. DENIOS UK offers a refill set of 200 pairs of earplugs for the dispenser. These earplugs comply with EN 352.