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With Puro-X, DENIOS offers a versatile range of detergents and care products for the highest demands. Puro-X products are ideal for maintenance in workshops and warehouses, increase the reliability and life of your tools and machines.

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Which cleaning chemicals do I need?

Industrial and universal cleaners provide cleanliness in factory and administration buildings, while glass cleaners, floor cleaners and stainless steel cleaners are specially tailored to the needs of the surfaces. The warehouse, assembly and production departments use high-pressure cleaners and aluminum cleaners, as well as silicone removers and degreasers. P

uro-X universal oil and multi-purpose oil loosen stubborn rust and protect it from rust again through a wafer-thin film. Likewise, zinc spray helps to improve the protection of metallic surfaces in the long term. Puro-x spray adhesive is used for most materials for a permanent hold and fast processing.

In garages chain spray and cutting oil guarantee a smooth flow of joints and hinges. Release spray provides long-lasting protection against spatter and has also proven itself in plastics processing. Brake and workshop cleaners facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the workplace.

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How do I prevent flash rust formation after cleaning?

In order to avoid the formation of flash rust after cleaning, cleaners should be used which at the same time contain anti-corrosive substances. These lay a thin film over the material and thus protect it from rust again. In addition, should not be rinsed with water unless necessary, the corresponding area.

In our assortment you will find the suitable Puro-X care and cleaning agent for every operation and occasion

Of course, the machines and materials should not be damaged during the cleaning or use of technical chemicals. The material compatibility is listed in the current data sheet of the product and offers a first clue. Basically, the compatibility should be tested before the large-scale use in a small place.