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Emergency Showers & Eye Wash Stations

Emergency Showers & Eye Wash Stations

When you’re working with noxious substances, it’s essential for work safety that you provide the means for your workers to clean their eyes or skin if an accident occurs. This can make all the difference between a minor short-term injury and permanent damage.

All eye wash and emergency shower equipment that we stock is compliant with EN 15154 regulations. Eye wash bottles are easy to position wherever they can be reached most quickly in an emergency, and can provide immediate relief. Eye wash stations can be mounted on the wall in work areas or just outside of them to provide an easily identified help point where eyes can be cleaned. Emergency showers can be used quickly and easily in the event of skin or work clothing coming into contact with hazardous materials. Their presence helps to give workers peace of mind and contributes to environmental protection by reducing the risk of secondary contamination.

Eye wash bottles

At DENIOS, we stock eye wash bottles containing simple saline solution and also a variety of branded solutions, including those specifically designed to restore neutral pH after contact with acids.

You can purchase eye wash bottles singly or in sets, depending on how often you expect your staff to need them. It’s advisable to have at least one available in storage so that you can immediately replace one that has been used up.

Some of our eye wash bottles come with clips for easy attachment to walls. Others come in their own eye wash stations, which are easy to position and can be closed over for added protection when not in use.

We also stock refills that you can use in your existing eye wash bottles. Make sure that you pay attention to use-by dates, refilling your bottles as needed in order to ensure that they don’t become contaminated or lose their efficacy.

Immediately rinsing injured eyes with eye wash solution will help to reduce the damage done by hazardous substances and could even save an injured person’s sight.

The presence of eye wash bottles does not eliminate the need for safety goggles or other protective eyewear.

Eye wash stations

Eye wash stations are there to reduce the damage done when measures to protect the eyes or face from contact with noxious materials have failed. They enable water to be squirted up directly into the face, cleansing eyes and skin. It’s important to use them for a prolonged period in order to ensure thorough cleansing and sufficient dilution of any acid or alkali to which the face has been exposed.

These emergency showers for the eyes can be purchased with or without basins, which may be deemed unnecessary in workplaces with hard flooring and good drainage. Some allow workers to manipulate a shower head themselves and some simply require the face to be lowered – often the easiest option for someone who is temporarily unable to see.

Some of these eye safety shower setups are designed to be wall-mounted and others are designed to rest on flat surfaces, while still others are supported by poles that can be fixed to the floor. Wherever you position your eye wash stations, you should make sure that your employees are familiar with their position and are able to reach them quickly if an accident occurs.

Emergency showers

In any area in which people are working with hazardous materials, industrial safety showers should be available in case of accident. An emergency shower can provide quick relief after an accident, minimising the risk of injury. DENIOS UK stocks wall-mounted and free-standing decontamination shower equipment that should be set up as close as possible to the area where hazardous work is taking place.

When using an emergency shower, protective clothing should usually be left on at first, reducing the risk of further skin exposure to the hazardous agent involved. If it has been in contact with that agent, it should be removed in the shower after it has been thoroughly rinsed.

Some of the emergency safety shower equipment that we stock comes with built-in eye wash stations so that the face and eyes can be thoroughly cleansed at the same time as the rest of the body. Some also have support straps available so that workers who are feeling weak because of the exposure they have suffered can more easily support themselves in an upright position during the decontamination process.

Some of the emergency showers in our range have a chemical-resistant coating and others are frost resistant, making them suitable for use outdoors or in areas where there is no heating.