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Occupational safety in the office

By law, every company is obliged to protect the health of its employees and minimise the risk of accidents at the workplace. This applies not only to warehouses and production, but also to administration. Because even office workers are exposed to dangers that can lead to accidents and damage to health.

Would you like to know which hazards you should definitely keep an eye on in office workplaces and which products help you to implement your legal obligations? Take a look at our product world " work safety in the office".


The basic requirement: Ergonomic desks and office chairs

Long and stiff sitting has many negative effects on the human body. Back problems, neck and shoulder pain are the main consequences of inadequately planned office workplaces and low-quality office furniture. The basic requirement for working healthily in the office is therefore an ergonomic office chair. The desk chair should support active, moving sitting and enable an optimal sitting position: Feet comfortably on the floor, back leaning against the backrest. However, the office chair alone does not make for a healthy office workplace - rather, it is the variety between sitting and standing units that contributes to back health. The rule of thumb is: about 30 percent of your work per day should be done while standing. It is best to choose a desk that is height-adjustable for this purpose. Another advantage: If the height of the desk top can be adjusted exactly to the body size, the employee does not adopt a cramped posture at the desk.

The right office lighting increases well-being and quality of work

If there are poor lighting conditions in the office, concentration and performance quickly drop to a minimum. Physical complaints such as burning eyes or headaches not only affect well-being, but also have a negative impact on the frequency of errors in the work process. Daylight has the most favourable effect on well-being, but is not always available in sufficient quantities in terms of time and place. Additional artificial office lighting is therefore necessary. Do you have the right lighting conditions? In our FAQ on the right lighting in workplaces, we provide you with many helpful tips.

Office cabinets, mobile pedestals and office shelving provide structure

Did you know that the room conditions in the office can also have an effect on the mind and cause psychological problems? An untidy workplace is one such disruptive factor. It has long been proven: If you have a tidy workplace, you can concentrate better and feel better. In addition, important documents do not have to be searched for in the chaos. A good organisation system in the office not only provides a structure that promotes health, but also saves time in the work process. Use our spacious office cabinets, material cabinets, mobile containers and office shelves to organise and store your office material.

Manual load handling: A no-go even in the office!

Even in the office, heavy loads have to be moved from time to time. Lifting and carrying boxes, large quantities of folders or other bulky objects can permanently damage the back. Therefore, avoid manual load handling in the office as well and use suitable aids for support. In our online shop you will find many practical transport trolleys that literally make your work easier.

Safety products for the office

It is the legal duty of every company to protect the health of its employees and minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace. This applies not only to warehouses and production, but also to administration. Because accidents, dangerous situations and unhealthy working conditions can also occur in the office. As THE expert in occupational safety, DENIOS offers you many tried and tested products that effectively help to protect the safety and health of your office employees.

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