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Storage of hazardous substances

Sometimes important changes come about indirectly and initially without any action on your part. This is the case at Avesco AG from Langenthal in Switzerland. As a dealer and service partner for construction machinery, construction technology and energy systems, painting work is carried out on the company premises. After a routine explosion protection inspection of the premises by the Swiss insurance company Suva, it was found that not all requirements were met. In particular, the storage of flammable liquids in the premises was problematic.

The company, which in its own understanding is always on the move, took this as an opportunity to think fundamentally about operational safety and to create a new working environment in which all necessary materials could be stored. At the same time, it should be possible to carry out mixing and cleaning work in the new workspace.

Challenge and task

Storage and work in one system: The premises at Avesco are only suitable for painting work to a limited extent, among other things there is a lack of safety equipment such as ventilation. An investment in the renovation of existing building fabric or new premises was not an option for Avesco. The new solution therefore had to be created independently of the existing infrastructure. A company specialised in the storage of hazardous substances was to be called in.

The solution

As a long-standing partner of the industry, DENIOS can already look back on a large number of similar projects. Thus, it was clear to Avesco after a few discussions that with DENIOS all project requirements could be realised in one solution. A fire-resistant technical room system was erected on a specially created concrete foundation. The system used is equipped with technical ventilation and recirculating air heating and is thus optimally prepared for handling flammable substances. All installations have been made in explosion-proof design. On a storage area of 16 m², there is enough space to store lacquers and paints, to implement the cleaning devices and to set up a PC-controlled paint mixing station.

Result and customer benefit

The impression on the customer: lasting: With an external solution, a lot has changed for everyday life at Avesco. Space has been created in the existing buildings that no longer needs to be used as storage space. The newly created warehouse is in close proximity to the existing buildings, ensuring short distances. At the same time, the potential for danger in the business premises has been reduced to a minimum, which also has a positive effect on the "working atmosphere". In any case, there was a lot of customer traffic in Avesco's business premises.

The emissions and odours emanating from the nitro basin were always a negative issue here and were also addressed. These are now a thing of the past. At the same time, the paint shop makes a much more positive impression as a workplace and no longer has the character of a makeshift solution. This is also noticeable in terms of staff motivation. The employees feel well taken care of at the new workplace within the technical room system and notice the measures that have been taken to protect them.

Suva's assessment also contributes to this. All requirements were met 99% of the time. The result was an almost perfect solution to the existing problems. Thus, with a technical room system from DENIOS, Avesco will still be "on the safe side" in the years to come.

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