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Stadler Fahrzeuge AG has over 6 decades of experience in the production of rail vehicles for passenger traffic. Founded in Zurich, Stadler has a wide network of branches across Europe and the USA. The Altenrhein works (canton of St. Gallen) is the specialist centre for double-deck train units. Trams for the Swiss market are also manufactured. Flammable liquids are regularly used in production and have to be quickly accessible.


Stadler needed to store these substances near extensive, open plan assembly halls. A wide range of container sizes was involved, from 5 to 60 litre, right up to 450 litre capacity. The problems: there was no identified fire area for the storage of the substances and no suitable ventilation or Ex Zones were provided. In addition, there was no space for the collection of aerosols, which needed to be stored separately from the flammable substances. The responsible persons at Stadler started to look for a suitable partner to carry out the project. The solution chosen came from the safety experts at DENIOS in Wettingen.


A DENIOS WFP fire-rated storage container was planned, which could handle all Stadler AG's requirements on a footprint of just 10 m². The walk-in container offers all round fire protection to the F 90 standard. The inner room of the store is designed as Ex-Zone 1 by the factory, in order to meet international explosion protection requirements. Integral racking makes optimum use of the space available and offers enough room for storing small containers. Lighting, technical ventilation and fire detectors ensure operator comfort and the necessary safety for the open storage of flammable liquids. The system has a steel spill pallet, which can contain up to 1,350 litres of leaked liquids. The steel is chemically and mechanically resistant. The fire detector system closes the doors automatically in the event of an emergency. A fire-proof hazardous materials cabinet was installed for the pressurised gas containers.


The storage solution provided by DENIOS meets all the requirements from the authorities and the technical standards. DENIOS produces all the products in its own factories and guarantees professional installation at the customer's site. Our customer service is comprehensive, from design through to manufacture and service, and is not offered in this form by any other supplier. In the special case of Stadler AG, the solution offers additional value for the customer: the system is mobile and if needed, can be moved to another location in the company or to the outside grounds, as long as the necessary safety standards are observed.

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