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Specialist for underwater robotics relies on fire protection on both sides for the storage of lithium batteries

Kraken Power GmbH, founded in 2016 and based in Bentwisch near Rostock, develops and produces pressure-neutral batteries, drives and electronics for underwater robots that are sold worldwide. The focus is on the development of uncomplicated and cost-effective technologies for the construction and application of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems that tolerate a hydrostatic pressure of 600 bar. Based on this technology, Kraken Power offers various electric drive and power supply systems with lithium polymer cells, making it a leader in this segment.

Challenge and task

Lithium batteries bring with them a high potential for danger. The causes of spontaneous combustion are manifold and often due to invisible defects. Even for batteries of medium power, the Association of Property Insurers (VdS) recommends taking increased safety precautions, such as storaging the batteries in separate fire-protected areas. To ensure insurance cover and minimise the risk of fire, Kraken Power GmbH uses the special range of products for the safe storage of lithium energy storage units from DENIOS. Also important to Kraken Power was the convenience of separate storage of the lithium modules during the production of the battery units. The "SafeStore" safety cabinet, with fire protection on both sides, an option which could be placed directly at the production site, was chosen to reduce unnecessary journey times for staff between storage and the production.

The solution

Kraken Power GmbH chose the "SafeStore" from DENIOS, a new generation of safety cabinets with 90-minute fire protection from the inside and outside. This solution came equipment components specially designed for the safe storage of lithium batteries. Conventional safety cabinets are only designed for fire from the outside to the inside. The "SafeStore" model also protects both ways, against overheating or smoke development inside during storage. The fire resistance duration is 90 minutes from the inside to the outside and has been proven by an additional fire test based on EN 1363-1. If a fire breaks out outside the cabinet, the "SafeStore" also withstands 90 minutes from the outside and is classified according to EN 14470-1 type 90. In addition, a liquid-tight floor pan ensures safe containment of leaks from burning batteries. An integrated, self-closing door mechanism additionally ensures permanent fire protection.

Result and customer benefit

The "SafeStore" provides Kraken Power with a state-of-the-art safety solution. Storage with fire protection on both sides for the storage of lithium modules, which combines fire and insurance protection with economic efficiency. In addition, the increased safety requirements that property insurers also place on the storage of lithium energy storage units have been taken into account.

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