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Fire protection system with sliding doors is fire resistant for 120 minutes

DENIOS is the first manufacturer in the world to pass a 120 minute fire protection test for a system with sliding doors. This means even greater protection with doors that are more convenient for you and easier to locate in previously difficult spaces.

GIT SECURITY, the leading trade magazine for all safety-related topics from the scientific publisher Wiley, asked Carsten Heumann, Technical Supervisor Sales at DENIOS, about the details.

GIT SECURITY: Mr Heumann, DENIOS have developed a fire protection warehouse with a sliding door. What are the special features of the product?

Carsten Heumann: Our RFP SD fire protection system has sliding doors that can be telescoped to both sides and close automatically (even in the event of fire). It also allows us to meet the different market requirements in Europe with EI1 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120. The sliding doors currently available on the market are not suitable for these requirements. Therefore, we decided to develop the fire protection sliding gates ourselves and have DENIOS certified as a production company for doors/gates according to EN 16034.

In order to obtain a certificate for the entire room system, including sliding doors, which conforms to the strictest European fire protection classification REI 120, we had a series of real fire tests carried out. In the process, we improved the overall construction step by step in the test procedure and passed the fire test with a duration of over 120 minutes. No other manufacturer of fire protection systems has managed this so far. The challenge is, among other things, that the system offers 100 % protection in case of fire despite the size of its moving parts. Our multi-member project team, with many years of experience, solved all the design details.

What advantages does this new product offer?

Carsten Heumann: The RFP SD fire protection warehouse with sliding doors offers 50 % more setting capacity compared to fire protection systems with swing doors, which are commercially limited by a maximum installation dimension (BRM) of 3 x 3 metres. The RFP SD fire protection telescopic sliding doors are designed to be significantly larger.

The use of an electric drive and remote control can also increase convenience for customers with frequent storage and retrieval. The forklift driver no longer has to leave the forklift to open and close the door. This is a considerable improvement in ergonomics as well as occupational safety.

There are also customers who use the fire protection systems outdoors in windy zones (e.g. near the coast). There, too, the use of telescopic sliding doors has advantages. Our fire protection systems also offer excellent corrosion protection, as the steel frame and the two collection trays are made of fully galvanised base material and are additionally coated with a high-quality paint.

Is this fire protection system suitable across all global markets?

Carsten Heumann: The RFP SD fire protection system is suitable for all European countries and is also produced in the USA and China for our global markets. Since fire protection requirements are not standardised internationally, our product has the variability to meet the different official requirements. At the same time, we have achieved a high level of international standardisation with the product in order to master this complexity. In order to obtain fire protection certificates valid throughout Europe, all our fire protection systems are tested according to the strictest specifications in accordance with the EN 13501-2 standard for REI 120. As a manufacturer and market leader, this underlines the high standards we set for our technical room systems.

What should I look for when buying a fire protection warehouse?

Carsten Heumann: In Germany, hazardous materials storage facilities for which a fire-resistant F 90 demarcation is prescribed in accordance with TRGS 510 must be able to withstand a fire load of 90 minutes from the inside or outside when installed without safety distances. Our fire protection warehouses have a double frame construction. If there is a fire on the inside, the outer support frame of the room system provides the necessary support. If there is a fire on the outside, the reverse is true. These assumptions are tested and verified for every DENIOS fire protection storage product family by an official "Notified Body" under real fire conditions. Steel constructions that are single-walled with EI 90 fire protection panels do not meet this requirement and therefore do not pass an F 90 fire test.

What kinds of industries will need this solution? And, in which versions, sizes, etc. is the new fire protection system available?

Carsten Heumann: The product is suitable for users who store larger quantities of hazardous substances in limited space and have to consider separate storage with a fire-resistant barrier (F 90) due to the storage classes (according to TRGS 510) or requirements of the insurer.

The fire protection system with sliding door RFP 815.30 SD will be available for a storage capacity of 12 IBCs. The equipment plays a decisive role in the individual product configuration. Whether, for example, further fire protection measures such as extinguishing systems are required, how the air conditioning and ventilation technology is to be designed, whether condition monitoring makes sense, etc. - these questions are clarified in a personal discussion with the experienced DENIOS consultant and lead to a bespoke solution.

SD for "Sliding Doors"

DENIOS has launched a new development within its established RFP fire protection shelving family: In doing so, the manufacturer has replaced the previously common hinged doors with sliding doors, which are now included in the range of services with the designation RFP SD ("Sliding Doors"). The qualification of this system was carried out at the Efectis Institute in France within the framework of extensive fire tests, in which the doors were tested for fire resistance with the partitioning (E=room closure) and insulation (I=thermal insulation). With the test, three fire resistance classes according to EN 13501 were tested simultaneously and passed: EI1 60, EI2 90 as well as EI2 120.

"This is an important milestone in the history of our room systems. We are very pleased that the European market now has a product that finally combines the benefits in application from fire protection, safety and comfort," says Holger Stenbrock, Head of Innovation for the Room Systems Division at DENIOS. A patent application has been filed.

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