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Frost-free and Insulated Storage

DENIOS container solutions impress with their versatility. Depending on the application situation and media to be stored, frost-free or isolated storage may become necessary. A heat insulation from A or B material effectively protects against energy losses and frost.

In conjunction with an optional heating system, you can thus ensure an internal temperature of over + 5 ° C with an outside temperature of up to -15 ° C. A non-combustible A material insulation is suitable for the storage of flammable liquids.

DENIOS solutions for the safe storage of hazardous substances

Hazardous Materials Storage

Almost all DENIOS hazardous materials storage facilities can be offered with or without thermal insulation. Heating and air conditioning technology are part of the individual equipment.

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Fire Rated Storage Containers from DENIOS

All DENIOS fire protection warehouses are insulated, with non-combustible A-material.

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Optimum storage temperatures with DENIOS equipment

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation made of A or B material saves energy by providing effective protection against energy loss and the effects of frost. Non-flammable A material is also suitable for storing flammable liquids. The hazardous materials storage with thermal insulation can be expanded with a heating system or temperature monitoring, for example.

Finned tube heaters

Our finned tube heaters ensure optimum heat emission and distribution. They are equipped with an integrated safety temperature limiter. This protects the surface of the heater from overheating. The equipment also includes a suitable impact protection plate, because these heaters are usually mounted in the push-through area. Ex and nEx versions are available, each with an output of 1 or 2 kW.

Fan Heater

In contrast to finned tube heaters, fan heaters ensure active and targeted convection. The effective heating power (nEx = 5 kW, Ex = 6 kW) is thus also higher than with heating media with a natural heat flow. Fan heaters are therefore the heating system of choice for larger walk-in hazardous material storage facilities with thermal insulation. Fan heaters are also available with recirculation function for uniform temperature distribution in the warehouse.

Air Conditioning

In the standard versions, air conditioning units/air conditioning systems ensure ideal climatic conditions and freedom from frost in the hazardous materials warehouse. The temperature range in the warehouse is between +5 °C at up to -15 °C and +25 °C at up to +35 °C outside temperature. Modular cooling and air-conditioning solutions allow precise temperature control of the storage room. Ex versions are also available here.

Technical Ventilation

For permanent ventilation of your room system, the air exchange is ensured in accordance with local legal requirements by means of high-performance technical ventilation. This also takes care of the possible risk of the emergence of gases that are hazardous to health or even explosive. The air flow is monitored by an air flow monitor in compliance with the law. We are also happy to install additional technical ventilation for you, which is automatically switched on when the exhaust air limit values are exceeded.

We offer even more!

Our range of equipment is continuously being expanded. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further products.

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