Ultrasonic Cleaner

Clean and degrease gently and effectively with ultrasonic cleaners and reach even the most inaccessible places. Available in a wide selection of sizes, our range of ultrasonic cleaners can accommodate a broad range of parts.

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Ultrasound Cleaner

Working to clean and degrease even the most inaccessible places, ultrasonic parts cleaners eliminate the need for manual cleaning with a brush. An ultrasonic model cleans parts gently and effectively with optimised sound waves. These sound waves agitate the cleaning liquid to reach blind holes, cracks and recesses.

Constructed from stainless steel, all our ultrasonic parts cleaners are rustproof and feature two purification steps for gentle and intensive cleaning. These cleaners also allow for the cleaning of multiple parts at the same time.

Available in a wide selection of sizes from 0.8L to 90L, our ultrasonic cleaners can accommodate a broad range of parts. The gentle cleaning solution works to break down grime at the molecular level, detaching it from the surface of the part and cleaning every nook and cranny. Ultrasonic cleaners are especially useful for delicate parts and those that have porous areas easily damaged by scrubbing. This type of cleaning can extend the life of parts significantly.

Ideal for use in cleaning and degreasing industrial parts and maintaining production equipment, pumps, motors and other machine elements, DENIOS UK’s ultrasonic parts cleaners all feature an electronic timer to allow for both continuous and short-period operations ranging from one to 30 minutes.

Whether you have only small parts to clean and require compact models such as the Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 30 H or the Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 10 H or you have larger parts to clean and want to purchase a model such as the Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 900 H, we have the perfect ultrasonic parts cleaner to meet your organisation’s needs.

Improved safety

Featuring run-dry safe heating, our ultrasonic parts cleaners can accommodate direct or temperature-controlled processes. Ultrasonic cleaners require less manpower and intervention than our solvent cleaners and solvent-free cleaners. This also helps minimise your employees’ exposure to hazardous chemicals. Ideal for those with a “set it and forget it” type of mentality, ultrasonic parts cleaners can deep-clean parts with no need for brushing or scrubbing. There is also no danger of overspray or spills such as those that can occur with more traditional cleaning methods. The Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S 900 H features a lid, and the majority of our ultrasonic cleaners come with the option to purchase a lid as an add-on.