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Workplace for hazardous substances in the Cleanroom

Aprentas is a leading training association for basic and advanced training in scientific, technical and commercial professions in the region of northwestern Switzerland. In order to be able to teach the handling of hazardous substances in a practical way, Aprentas needed a cleanroom installation. This had to provide the latest technology, especially in terms of safety, in order to provide the trainees with the best possible protection. With DENIOS, a specialist with experience in the implementation of complex cleanroom projects was quickly found.

Challenge and task

Especially when working under production and laboratory conditions, the collection and extraction of pollutants from the air we breathe is essential. Not only the emissions of the substances themselves, but also hazardous gas mixtures with the room air can lead to respiratory diseases or explosive atmospheres.

At aprentas, trainees learn how to behave and handle these hazardous substances under cleanroom conditions. As a service provider in vocational education and training, aprentas attaches particular importance to safety.

the Solution

With the construction of a new clean room, the existing gap in the handling of hazardous substances could be closed. In the cleanroom, in addition to the detection of pollutants, a defined particle/room air ratio must be maintained and the number of particles must be reduced to a minimum. Since 2009, internationally uniform classes for these values have been created within the framework of DIN EN ISO 14644-1.

Result and customer benefit

Ventilation workplace with maximum safety:

The aprentas cleanroom meets ISO class 8 and is thus an optimal environment for handling hazardous substances. It is a self-sufficient system that was integrated into an existing training facility. No additional space had to be created on site. In addition to the work area, the enclosure contains a separate changing room and a material lock.

The centre of the work area is an Ex-protected DENIOS hazardous materials workstation in stainless steel. The system enables draught-free working despite an exhaust air volume of 1,080 m³ per hour. Thanks to the VARIO-Flow technology specially developed for these areas of application, the operating costs for the operator are low.

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