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Drum Storage

DENIOS drum storage containers are the ideal storage solution for safely storing hazardous materials in compliance with legal requirements. Available in a range of sizes and configurations for different applications and storage capacities,  they offer an exceptional price-performance ratio and minimum investment costs per storage area.

All containers are supplied with an integral sump pallet compliant with PPG 26 regulations and come with the 5-year DENIOS guarantee.

Drum Storage Containers

Hazardous substances can be solids, liquids or gases. Hazardous substances can burn or explode, or contain materials which endanger people, animals, plants and/or the environment. Hazardous substances are not only found in the chemical industry, but almost everywhere in commercial trade or small commercial operations (spray booths, cleaners, paints, pesticides, etc).

DENIOS's competence ensures your safety when handling chemicals of any type

Each hazardous substance is classified into one of 13 storage classes some of which are then divided into sub-classes. Hazardous substances in one class are stored in a "storage section" and these may only be kept together. 

With a DENIOS drum storage containers, you can be sure your hazardous materials storage will meet the current regulations. We offer the widest range in the market and can even supply drum storage containers made to your particular requirements. As the market leader, we have over 25 years of experience in meeting customer requirements across the whole of Europe. 

Hazardous material storage basics - we offer all the advice and information you'll need

The storage of hazardous substances involves a high degree of responsibility. A storage facility must ensure correct labelling and safe handling of hazardous substances, correct product condition and suitable safety equipment. Qualified, well-trained employees need to learn the correct way to use a hazardous materials store and they must be proficient in emergency actions.

Numerous documents and approvals must be taken into consideration when operating a chemical store, for example water law permits, state construction regulation approvals or approvals in accordance with the Federal Pollution Control Act. Most importantly fire protection needs to be considered.

The operator must carry out a risk assessment and document it. The integrity of the spill pallet must be regularly checked, at least once a year.

Which containers are suitable for your store?

are so many options in our container range for drum storage and IBC storage, you'll be spoilt for choice. Of course, we're ready to help you choose the right chemical storage solution for your needs. Call free on 0808 178 07 23 to talk to one of our experts or  visit our Online Shop where you can filter your HazMat storage selection according to: fittings, type of stored goods, store dimensions, temperature controlled storage, heat insulation, door versions, door variants, door closure, loading, surface area. 

Basic Store and System Container

DENIOS offers two main chemical container product groups, the Basic Store range and the System Container range.

Basic Store:

The Basic Store container offers both safety and functionality at a favourable price-performance ratio.
  • Simple, safe storage
  • 7 sizes with storage capacity for up to 48 drums or 12 IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)
  • Available as a 1 or 2 bay HazMat container with 1 or 2 storage levels
  • Compartment width of up to 3900 mm for optimum storage of drums on Euro / chemical pallets or IBCs
  • HazMat container compartment height suitable for the storage of drums or IBCs
  • Shelf loads up to 3500 kg
  • Increased total spill pallet containment volume of up to 6000 litres available
  • Naturally ventilated system, also suitable for the passive storage of flammable liquids
  • Standard paint in RAL 5010 (gentian blue), other RAL colours are available at an additional cost
  • HazMat container door variants: galvanised wing and sliding doors

The Basic Store is available in two ranges, which are suitable for standing drums or IBCs:

  • Basic Store Model -D: Drum storage on chemical or Euro pallets
  • Basic Store Model -K: Storage of IBCs

System Containers 

The range of System Container stores offers a versatile, efficient solution with a large number of chemical container options.

  • Over 30 sizes, with storage capacity for up to 120 drums or 18 IBCs
  • 5 different model ranges, in ideal sizes for the storage of drums, IBCs or palletised goods
  • Shelf loads up to 5500 kg
  • Special dimensions with up to 3 storage levels and special bay shelf heights on request
  • Double depth for increased storage volume on request, with single or dual sided loading
  • Extension to container storage is possible
  • Container designed for active and passive storage of flammable liquids as well as for frost-free storage
  • RAL 5010 (gentian blue) or RAL 9002 (grey white) paint finish. Containers can be supplied in other RAL colours on request
  • HazMat container door options: wing doors, roller doors and sliding doors

DENIOS offers all System Containers in 2 designs: 
  • A standard version with natural ventilation
  • An insulated design for frost free storage.

System Container Type K: Storage of IBCs
System Container Type H: Mixed storage of drums, IBCs and pallets
System Container Type G: Drums stored directly on a grid
System Container Type P: Drum storage on chemical or Euro pallets
System Container Type A: Horizontal drum storage

The System Container can be optimised to your requirements with optional accessories.
  • Earthing set with earth strap for the storage of flammable hazardous substances
  • Ventilation systems
  • Acid resistant spill pallets for aggressive hazardous substances
  • Roller conveyors to optimise work processes
  • Extinguishing equipment with sprinklers, low expansion foam, powder or CO2
  • Alarm systems, warning lights and sirens
  • Monitoring systems for temperature, extracted air and humidity as well as gas detectors
  • Fingerprint or transponder-operated access systems as an alternative to mechanical closing systems
  • Canopies, to protect stored goods in open chemical storage containers
  • Impact protection for the HazMat container, for example bollards