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29.03.2016 10:43

For the storage of flammable liquids DENIOS provides complete solutions from a single source: the BMC range of flam

14.03.2016 16:18

DENIOS have developed a special solution for the safe and legally compliant handling of IBCs: The Basic IBC bund wi

25.02.2016 10:58

DENIOS system containers are versatile and can be adapted to store different hazardous materials as required.

15.02.2016 11:24

Leading supplier & manufacturer of hazardous material storage solutions DENIOS appoints new UK Managing Director

29.01.2016 13:44

For many hazardous substances safety cabinets offer the safest and best storage option, and approved, quality contr

06.01.2016 09:01

For a company, three decades is not such a long time. When you have significantly shaped a market however, you can

22.12.2015 09:09

According to the Labour Force Survey (2014/2015) 611,000 injuries occurred at work in Great Britain. Even if the gr

26.11.2015 09:30

The arrival of Winter means companies have to deal with an important task: protecting goods needed for production f

03.11.2015 11:58

DENIOS, a specialist in the field of environmental protection, in addition to a wide range of steel and plastic spi

05.10.2015 08:54

The temperature control of substances is, for many industries, of critical importance. For example, when raw materi

25.09.2015 08:37

DENIOS, the leader in environmental protection and safety at work has expanded its absorbent product range to inclu

16.09.2015 10:27

How do you protect the environment with plastic? With the new PolySafe Depot from DENIOS.

21.08.2015 11:48

DENIOS system containers are versatile and can be adapted to store different hazardous materials as required. Each

23.07.2015 09:19

DENIOS has brought yet another product innovation in hazardous materials storage to the market with the Multistore.

14.07.2015 09:30

There are many aspects to hazardous materials storage and standard containers are not always suitable. With this in

22.06.2015 08:29

Ensure your employees understand the dangers when handling flammable or hazardous products. Discover the new traini

05.06.2015 09:22

In production and laboratory waste such as rags soaked with environmentally hazardous, combustible or flammable liq

17.05.2015 10:15

Are you equipped in accordance with the new regulations? From 1 June 2015, the new classification and labeling syst

14.05.2015 09:01

Changes to The Seveso Directive come into force on 1 June 2015. Are you prepared against the risks with chemicals a

29.04.2015 09:48

Yesterday we celebrated World Day for Safety & Health At Work, an event organised by the International Labor Organi

Hazardous material storage - the expert view

At DENIOS we offer the most comprehensive range of products relating to all aspects of hazardous storage, environmental protection and health and safety at work. One of our key products are flammable storage containers. Whether in the form of walk-in stores for small containers or shelving systems for loading with forklifts - DENIOS is already meeting REI 120 standards with products offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance. So if you need chemical storage cabinets, safety cabinets or gas cages and cannot afford to compromise when it comes to fire protection, you can stay on the safe side with DENIOS. As a specialist in hazardous materials technology, we also offer small storage units: from an IBC storage container to gas cylinder cages to hazardous storage cabinets - at DENIOS, safety is not dependent on the size of the store or on the storage container. Our product range also includes flammable storage cabinets as well as products for  drum storage, IBC storage, chemical storage and gas cylinder storage.

Production and operating equipment

In many cases hazardous materials not only need to be stored safely, they need to be dispensed from a larger into a smaller container. Drum handling eqipment like  drum pumps or laboratory pumps ensure this process is completed safely. And if there is a spillage, products from our spill kits such an oil absorbent or oil absorbant pads from the extensive DENSORB range of absorbent materials and granulates make sure the hazardous substance is safely retained and absorbed. DENIOS' versatile oil absorbents have also proved effective for use with mobile refueling facilities. With the benefit of 25 successful years in business and the expertise of a market leader, DENIOS has developed a complete range of products for handling drums effectively. Choose from an extensive line featuring a product specifically designed for each individual application. From storing drums safely on spill paletts, sump pallets or in drum storage cabinets or equipment for manoeuvring drums such as drum grippers, drum turners or mobile sumps. We also offer IBC mixer, IBC heating jackets, tipping skips and portable fuel dispenser to support you in your daily work as good as we can.

Health and safety and industrial requirements

When personal safety at the workplace is at stake, adequate emergency provision plays an important part alongside PPE products. From first aid boxes to an emergency shower, DENIOS offers a wide range of products so that you are equipped for every eventuality. Anti fatigue mats ensure the health of your workers. In many industrial sectors products have to be heat treated in preparation for the production process. Our thermal engineering range supplies everything you will need for these process-based applications: from drum heaters as the ideal solution for individual items to heated boxes and chambers where larger capacity is required, all designed and manufactured by DENIOS to meet your individual requirements.
Capturing harmful substances at the workplace means protecting the workforce from harmful emissions such as smoke, dust, aerosols and other particles. In addition to extraction benches, DENIOS also develops and produces multi-task workstations and individual solutions to deal with this problem. Smoking shelters also play a part in health and safety at work and also prevent tension between smokers and non-smokers.

Cleaning and waste disposal

When solvent-based cleaning materials are used on equipment components, the emissions can be harmful to health, so DENIOS has developed the bio.X parts cleaner unit which operates without solvent. The cleaning fluid works biologically and is therefore completely safe. Why not let DENIOS consultancy service help you. DENIOS' well-trained advisors are experienced in all aspects of hazardous materials storage and are familiar with the current legislation and regulations. DENIOS staff are conversant with all the relevant guidelines and can provide competent, comprehensive and reliable advice.

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