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Oil absorbent pads

DENIOS oil absorbent pads absorb only oil and not water - making them excellent for use when both oil and water are present. These pads float on water soaking up the oil from its surface making clean up quick and easy.

  • For absorbing oil, petrol and all hydrocarbon based spills
  • Water-repellent – ideal for when oil but not water needs to be absorbed
  • Made from highly-absorbent polypropylene fibres with high tensile strength
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

At DENIOS we are very experienced in how best to deal with an oil spill at work. The wide range of products we have designed for you will meet your specific safety needs and provide a quick solution when it is urgently needed. As everybody knows, oil spills can do immense damage and be extremely expensive to clean up.

The two main things to consider when dealing with a spill are the durability and absorption capacity of your absorbents to ensure they are long-lasting and able to soak up the amount of liquid that is likely to spill. The DENIOS product range available to you offers three levels of durability and absorption capacity. You simply select the type of product and the level that best suits your requirements. DENIOS absorbents all possess a top-quality fibre structure and can absorb as much as 16 times the amount they weigh. This facilitates the speedy absorption of spilled oil and helps avoid a painful and potentially expensive slip by one of your employees. Our materials are in no way dangerous to use, they keep your workplace clean and, because they are lighter than conventional products, they may be quickly and cheaply disposed of. DENIOS absorbent rolls, matting, socks and cushions will help you cope with every unfortunate spill that occurs.
Our Economy oil absorbent rolls have been manufactured to be practical in every possible way. Not only can you choose from three different widths (38, 76 and 150 cm) but they are perforated in the middle, will cover wide areas comfortably and can be easily torn to suit the space you have to cover. Our mats measure 400 by 500 mm and come either single or double layered. We offer them at reduced prices on bulk orders. DENIOS Premium rolls and mats give you exactly what the name says; premium quality material that is exceptionally durable and perfect for use over an extended area. Its fibre is even more tightly woven, which means they are very resistant to abrasion. There is little danger of oil dripping as the material soaks up perfectly and thoroughly. The rolls come in 40 mm and 80 mm widths, the mats come in a very useful dispenser. Again, perforations in the material mean you only tear off, and use, the amount you need. 
Our Ecosorb rolls and mats are manufactured from 100% recycled material and ideal for the quick absorption of oil. They come in 36 cm and 72 cm widths. DENSORB rolls and mats allow you to hide dirty floors and have a hard-wearing, durable top layer. They will look great for a longer period of time and can be used for more than one spill. DENIOS also supply mats with an accompanying drip tray to go with them which allow you to cleanly, smoothly and effectively catch oil drips under machines. The trays come in three sizes, the mats in many different sizes, and with a variety of absorption capacities.

Does your factory floor frequently get very oily? Then why not have a look at our ergonomic mat option which comes with absorbent materials made of high-quality rubber, and whose edges form a sump to help combat oil. Intended for industrial use, there is no danger of any movement or slipping and they are silicone free. Just give careful consideration to your requirements and let Denios do the rest. These products will last for a long time, meaning the price-performance ratio is as good as it gets!

Our absorbent socks are designed to deal with tricky spills where access may be a problem. In such cases it is a great advantage to use material that can be bent easily into shape. If oil is leaking from underneath a machine, these socks, made from polypropylene, will stop it from spreading and allow repairs to be completed. Likewise, DENIOS absorbent cushions offer a practical solution because they are flexible and made from fine fibre materials.

Do you need to keep gang ways clean or stop oil passing from the shop floor to the office? Then you should consider our runner mats and rolls! They are very absorbent and may be put to continuous use. And it isn't just that they will deal with escaping liquids. Due to the comfort they offer, they also reduce worker tiredness. Made from recycled material, they come in a diverse range of lengths and widths and offer three different absorption capacities. The Premium products in this category offer lightweight or heavy-duty models but they all share qualities such as perforation, a smooth protective layer and are water-repellent. This means they can be used to absorb oil when it has spilled onto water. The heavy-duty model is the right decision if you are dealing with larger amounts of liquid. Regardless of which model you choose, your floor will stay clean and dry! And DENIOS can also provide you with life-long, highly durable 6mm outdoor mats which are the perfect solution for factory sites, railway platforms or other industrial locations. They also have a plastic layer underneath which means liquids cannot leak out.

Finally, should you need a trolley to house mats or rolls then we have 3 clean, safe Caddy models for you. They are strong, corrosion-free and can be easily moved from A to B. If you work with chemicals or oil only, then there is a model for your purposes but why not consider the Universal model which will absorb oil, water and chemicals. The Caddy comes delivered with materials ready for use, requires very little space and is a compact design which you will definitely like.

Take a look at our catalogue to inspect the entire oil absorbent range. DENIOS has the solution for you!