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Kühlkammern und -räume

We attach great importance to energy efficiency in our cooling chambers and rooms. Homogeneous insulation properties over the entire outer shell and the use of structural components with low temperature transitions lead to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50%. Temperature ranges from 0 ° C to 35 ° C are optimally covered and equipped with cooling or air conditioning units as required. Rack storage systems or walk-in room systems are manufactured with a positioning capacity of up to 16 IBC or 24 drums of 200 liters each.

Additional options can be selected:

  • Explosion protection
  • Fire protection inside and out
  • GMP-compliant equipment
  • Optional equipment as hazardous material storage through integrated spill pallet
Suitable for:

Efficient cooling and air conditioning

In the refrigeration sector, DENIOS pays special attention to the specific needs of the user. Whether as a shelf storage system or a walk-in version - all our cooling and climate chambers are designed according to individual specifications. The air conditioning or cooling units, just like the controls, are designed according to the requirements and the overall system. The integrated spill pallet allows for the safe and compliant storage of hazardous substances of all water hazard classes. On request, fire protection and explosion protection can be realized in addition to an EnEV-compliant design.

Air-conditioning according to DIN EN 13779

The European standard EN 13779 classifies the air quality in rooms that are not inhabited but are intended for human residence. It classifies the quality of the room air, the supply and exhaust air and the outside air. The responsibility of the planner is increasingly emphasized by EN 13779. Specifically, this means that all persons involved in the construction of an air conditioning system must agree on a common basis at an early stage in order to avoid misunderstandings and costs. From the beginning of your planning, rely on DENIOS Project Managers to make sure your cooling and air conditioning system meets all the necessary requirements.

Standard construction

Regardless of whether air-conditioning or cooling to temperatures of up to 0 ° C: both the chambered storage systems and the walk-in systems can be designed for these tasks. The basic structure of our cooling and climate chambers is formed by a solid frame made of welded steel profiles and the integrated spill pallet with PPG 26 approval. Due to the all-round insulating material made of rigid polyurethane foam with a U-value of 0.24 W / m²K, a high-quality insulation is achieved. In the access area insulated doors are installed. Depending on the temperature range, air conditioning split units or cooling units are used. By a comprehensive equipment program, these systems are finally customized and optimized to meet your needs. Our solutions adapt flexibly to the needs of many industries: Chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive or food.

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Refrigeration technology from DENIOS - many possibilities!

Cooling and climate chambers from DENIOS are available as a walk-in system or as a rack storage system. To ensure reliable operation of the cooling systems, we use efficient cooling systems. Based on the potential risks posed by some substances, failure prevention is one of the key demands. Accordingly, the design of the correct air conditioning system based on a previous simulation takes place. In practice, combination devices are then often used, which are equipped with both a cooling and heating function.


The main features of our refrigerated chambers at a glance:

  • Rack storage systems and walk-in systems

  • Powerful cooling units (split units) with high control quality to ensure a precise temperature window

  • Maximum energy efficiency

  • Use of best insulation materials

  • Powerful systems for optimal air circulation

  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional systems

  • Uniform temperature distribution

  • Integrated spill pallet

  • Homogeneous insulation properties over the entire outer shell

  • Use of high-quality climate doors with low temperature transitions

  • EnEV-compliant design

  • Fire protection

  • Explosion-proof version (optional)

Project process

We understand that our job is not just to put you an approved refrigeration chamber on your premises. We are proud of our holistic approach and therefore at your side from first contact until far beyond the commissioning of your individual solution. Our team of experts will gladly take over all measures - from the consultation and creation of the optimal concept for you to the turnkey handover and subsequent maintenance.



Service & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance

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