Test Rooms

Test rooms for lithium batteries

Newly developed lithium energy storage devices or products that incorporate lithium batteries into their functionality, such as household appliances, tools or electric vehicles, have to be thoroughly tested before being released to the market. Planning a secure test environment needs to consider many customer-specific aspects. Therefore, lithium test rooms are built almost exclusively according to customer specifications. We are happy to assist you in determining needs.

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Custom / Bespoke Solutions

Leading solutions emerge where customer and manufacturer work closely together. Customer proximity is our top priority. Our experts therefore support you from the beginning in the planning. Already in the quotation phase, you will receive a direct contact person and short communication channels in our company.

With a broad-based team of specialists, we at DENIOS offer you a holistic range of services bundled in one system. You benefit from consistent project management right from the start. "Made by DENIOS" stands for the highest quality from a single source.

Needs analysis and consulting - the foundation for your secure test environment

  • What is in your risk assessment and in your fire protection concept?
  • Which test procedures are carried out?
  • How should the test environment be integrated into your infrastructure and work processes?

With targeted questions, our engineers clarify what the optimal concept can look like for you. Space requirements, installation site (indoor or outdoor), equipment, safety devices - your individual requirement profile is the result of our needs analysis.

You benefit from our knowledge as a fire protection expert that we pass on to you and incorporate into the design to best protect your employees and equipment.

Professional project management

Our goal is the precise and timely implementation of your project by our specialist staff. Orientated to your requirements, we realise your individual room system step by step according to our holistic service concept. In addition to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), you can also personally assess the progress of the production phases.

Through many years of experience, we are familiar with the legislation, regulatory authorities and property insurers and accompany you in the cooperation. So together we set the course for the approval of your test environment according to static, environmental, EX and fire protection aspects - an important prerequisite for your insurance protection. After completion of the project, you will receive extensive project documentation and certified static calculations.


The TSR - the individual room solution for your test environment

DENIOS claims to build spaces that perfectly meet your requirements and provide the highest level of security. Especially when testing lithium energy storage systems, a standard solution often does not offer the optimum conditions. Therefore, we design test environments almost exclusively according to customer specifications. Under the name technology safety room (short TSR) we summarise this individual construction. Advantage for you: In the field of design and production, we can rely on many proven standard components. So you benefit from the interaction of cost-effective serial production and individual conception.

Simulation - the core function of your test room

The simulation of load situations for lithium energy storage require process-dependent functionalities from the test environment. Test rooms by DENIOS offer the possibility to simulate or support different stress situations within the room with individual equipment options:

  • Simulation of extreme environmental conditions due to loading up to the permissible temperature limits (eg -20 ° C to + 60 ° C), as well as behaviour testing in the event of temperature fluctuations
  • Effect of increased humidity on the test body, eg. B. by condensation
  • Load with minimum and maximum current supply such as the upper and lower voltage limits
  • Shock testing
  • Noise tests
  • Corrosion and harmful gas tests
  • Testing the electromagnetic compatibility
  • Cyclisation of the batteries
  • Long-term stress tests
  • Altitude simulation
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Designed according to your requirements

Due to its variable dimensions, the TSR can be designed precisely for the available space and the desired use. Constructed as a compact solution, countless space-saving applications are available anywhere. In combination with its low dead weight, it is also easy to realise relocations (for example due to company-internal restructuring). But also large-scale solutions are possible: from combined storage and testing facilities to multi-room complexes with covered logistics and aisle areas.

Are you looking for a standard solution that already has an approval?

If you are looking for a standard room solution, take a look at our storage systems for lithium energy storage. These can be used for testing if no custom adjustments are desired. The complete range of storage and testing of lithium batteries can be found in our brochure.

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Safety comes from experience

With DENIOS you have found an experienced partner for the realisation of your individual requirements for a test environment for lithium energy storage. For more than 30 years we have been experts in the safe handling of hazardous substances and offer the highest level of fire protection (up to REI 120). As a manufacturer of technical room systems, we have shown that our experience in this specific field can be optimally exploited in numerous customer projects for the lithium energy storage sector. From automotive to electrical industry to accredited test institutes and research institutes - we offer tailor-made solutions for the special requirements involved in the testing of lithium energy storage systems. Many companies such as Phoenix Testlab and Voltavision therefore rely on DENIOS competence.

Take advantage of the DENIOS know-how!

As a manufacturer of technical room systems and international hazardous substance and fire protection experts, we have been providing our customers with support and advice for over 30 years. When storing lithium energy storage, there is still no uniform regulation for damage prevention. Trust in our expertise. We at DENIOS provide you with a needs-based, secure solution.

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