Industrial Cleaning Parts


The purity of components and precision components is not only an important quality feature in manufacturing. Often compliance with defined purity requirements is a substantial part of the production process itself.

The partial adjustment for industrial large series is always customer-specific and can not be covered with serial products.

Our division cleaning specialists from PURIMA successfully develop and build aqueous cleaning systems for large customers in the fields of automotive, aerospace, railway and traffic engineering, as well as the rubber and plastics industry.

The PURIMA engineers develop individual system solutions - manually or automatically - from the nature, the geometry and the required degree of purity to a component.

Perfect for specialist requirements

The portfolio of PURIMA is as diverse as the customer companies and requirements. Each cleaning plant is based on specially developed technologies. Before a plant is produced in-house production, detailed laboratory tests and test cleaning are carried out in order to develop the specific purity requirement, the appropriate cleaning procedure and possibly necessary cleaning additives.

Based on many years of experience and a wide range of customer projects, PURIMA has implemented a number of different types of equipment.

  • Continuous flow systems of type Rototronic and Flowtronic are precision systems for high material throughputs while maintaining high purity requirements. The modular design of various cleaning technologies allows highly flexible arrangements and cleaning processes.
  • High pressure systems use high water pressure to remove stubborn dirt on surfaces or to remove flakes. Large-volume cleaning products are also effectively applied in PURIMA high-pressure systems.
  • Flushing and testing systems clean hoses or pipes and check them for leaks in a second step. Defined filtered and continuously monitored high flow rate media ensure effective cleaning performance
  • Module systems favor a flexible adaptation to changing cleaning requirements and components. Ultrasonic, flushing or drying basins can be combined into a cleaning unit and reconfigured as desired.

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Cleaning Tasks

PURIMA is part of the DENIOS Group and the specialist for industrial subassemblies. For more than 25 years, our colleagues from Porta Westfalica have been developing and constructing innovative system solutions.

Each plant is unique and is developed and manufactured based on customer requirements. Worldwide, satisfied customers are using PURIMA systems for their cleaning tasks - mainly companies from the automotive industry, space and aviation, railway and transport technology, rubber and plastics industries.

PURIMA develops the selection of the right process in-house at the in-house technical center in order to meet the requirements for purity.

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