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Hazardous workplace extraction system

Hazardous material workstations

VARIO-Flow workstations also offer the necessary space for "big tasks". Of course, you can also choose the dimensions of the workstations between standard dimensions and special designs. Well-thought-out concepts mean that DENIOS also offers outstanding work safety and user-friendliness.

The foldable safety faceplate of our Compact workplace protects your employees against emissions or serves as a splash guard, e.g. During cleaning work. Important for you: The air turnover of the work bench is also significantly reduced!

The barrier-free access is more than just comfort. The working height can be used without restriction by the targeted discharge of the emissions to the extraction points. Important for you: Extend your safety workplace with the installation of filter technology, which is adapted to your requirements! The VARIO-Flow mixing technology ensures the safety of your employees in two ways: The vertically supplied airflow eliminates pollutants from the respiratory area. Your employees are constantly supplied with clean fresh air, while the ejector technology reliably protects pollutants in the working area. The positive effect: Thanks to this sophisticated DENIOS technology, pharmaceutical systems consume at least 50% less air than pure laminar flow systems. In permanent operation an indispensable financial advantage.

The VARIO flow types are designed for maximum flexibility. For this reason DENIOS offers you the possibility to choose from four different sizes. Of course, we can also provide you with free-of-charge workstations according to your specifications if none of the given sizes meet your requirements. More than just comfort is the free access to the work area.

Emissions are sucked off in the shortest possible way. This is achieved through the targeted derivation of the emissions to the exhaust manifolds. Important for you: The handling of toxic or hazardous substances requires great attention. Expand your work space with a multi-stage exhaust and recirculation filter technology. And without a lot of space, as DENIOS integrates this technology into the enlarged back of your freestanding work area - a space-saving and maintenance-friendly solution.

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